This photo was taken 23 years ago. What happened to these two kids can only be attributed to life's pure chance and serendipity. Or, maybe it's simply fate. The story began in the small city of Jiangyin in China's Jiangsu province.

Ah Tao was four-years old, and his father owned a photography studio. One day, his father's friend came to visit and brought along his own daughter, Ding Ding, who was only three-years old. Ah Tao's father took a picture of the two cute little kids.

The two kids didn't really know each other. As time went on, even though the fathers were friends, the kids grew up without further contact because Ding Ding moved away with her family while she was still in kindergarten. The memory of this photo faded away when the kids grew up, went to school, and lived separate lives.

That memory would be recalled when the "Old Man under the Moon" ties the red strings--that's what the Chinese describe as fate's role in an unexpected romance, much like Cupid and his arrow of love.

Twenty-some years later, Ah Tao started going through the matchmaking process. He met over a dozen prospects arranged by the matchmaker, but none worked out. That is, until he met Ding Ding. The two of them enjoyed talking to each other right away, and soon they fell in love.

They got married in 2014. Their baby's arrival has added even more happiness to this young couple.

The second photo was taken while they were still dating. They decided to pose in the same manner and expression as they did in the old photo. As Ah Tao said, fate truly works in mysterious ways. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  

~ NancyZdramaland

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