Shoot for the StarJun Do Yun, a classic drama and film actress (Lovers in PragueThe Housemaid) and Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali) head a drama about two lost souls who find purpose in each other. Lee Seo Jin (Lovers) also stars in this uplifting romance from the director of Stairway to Heaven. Sora (played by Jun Do Yun) and Sung Tae (Jo In Sung) are drifting through life. Sora is 29 years old and has hit a dead end. She has no job and little chance of getting one, having never graduated from college. She dreams of true love, but has yet to find anyone. Sung Tae grew up an orphan and dreams of becoming a famous movie star, hoping to find the foster family he lost track of years ago. When Sora meets Sung Tae, currently working as a waiter, she is drawn to something about him. She takes him under her wing and begins acting as his manager, and she and her brother, a talent manager, launch his career. As Sung Tae becomes more and more famous, he struggles with ever-greater difficulties however, especially those springing from his own dyslexia. Sora supports him through everything, refusing to give up. Will Sung Tae see the possibility for love in the warm-hearted woman beside him? And even if he does, will society allow the famous actor to date his own manager? Click to watch Shoot For The Star online at DramaFever.