Two new rivals are adding delicious zest to the romance drama, Deja Vu. One is Designer Fang Qi Xiang (Nylon Chen) who was persuaded by Hai Lin to help her boss, and the other is Lu Xiang Kai (Yang Zhen), the cousin who just returned from a long stay in America.

Designer Fang Qi Xiang, played by popular singer-actor Nylon Chen, first appears when he notices Hai Lin dancing with the kids at a dance class sponsored by him. He is an aloof and award-winning designer who lost the motivation to design ever since the death of his beloved girlfriend. Meeting Hai Lin has inspired him to design again. More importantly, he has been a welcoming shining knight who champions for Hai Lin whenever she is accused of wrongdoing or when she's hurt both physically and emotionally.

So far, he's perfect. Actually, I think if I were the scriptwriter, I would simply write an alternate romance ending where Hai Lin falls in love and lives happily with Fang Qi Xiang. Have you seen her lovely smiles when she looks at Fang? Forget about Xi Wei and sadness, girl. Although I'm still enchanted by their heart-melting romantic moments in the first episode, Xi Wei is befuddled and slow about his fate with Hai Lin, while Fang Qi Xiang is simply dazzling and doesn't hide how he feels protective toward Hai Lin. Okay, I've convinced myself and I'm writing a note to the scriptwriter, pronto, now!

In Episode 8, we see a dark horse in the handsome and muscular form of Lu Xiang Kai (Yang Zhen), Xi Wei's cousin who has just returned from the United States. Xiang Kai wants to learn business from the ground up, after he realized he didn't want to waste his life in a moment of revelation when he stood at the summit of the Himalayas. That's a lofty motivation until we see his darkened gaze behind Xi Wei and then his passionate kiss with Xi Wei's fiance, Yo Xi, during a flashback.

The handsome actor, Yang Zhen, is a newcomer and that adds a further shade of mysteriousness to the character he plays as someone we are not totally sure about. But never mind that yet as we enjoy this new eye candy! By the way, he is a Pisces and plays a mean basketball game.