I don't know if you've heard, but some dating news broke over the weekend about a couple of Korean stars seeing each other in secret....What, you thought I was talking about Lee Min Ho and Suzy? Well, guess again! Instead, the absolutely adorable Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun, who costarred together in the 2013 series Two Weeks, admitted that they have been dating for over five months.

I love it when costars get together in real life! In case you haven't seen Two Weeks, Ryu Soo Young played the wonderful, supportive police officer boyfriend to Park Ha Sun's single mom. Of course, he was vying for her love against reformed bad boy Lee Joon Ki, which is always rough, but I loved his sweetheart of a character anyway.

According to her agency, the two naturally became a couple after they worked together on the series. His agency said that they have been dating for over five months. The representative from his agency also said, "We don't know if they're thinking of marriage, but they are happily dating."

Congratulations to this happy couple! Maybe they can costar together again, this time in a role where he's the male lead? As we watch their romance unfold in real life, you can enjoy their natural chemistry in Two Weeks: