Last week, Mnet America brought K-pop boy band U-KISS to New York City for their First U.S. Tour, and I had the good fortune to go and experience their amazing performance live. I'm from Korea, but it can even be hard to see K-pop concerts there, so it was especially exciting for me to be able to experience their show among American KissMes. Here were my highlights from the night:

1. OMG, KissMes! They are amazing fans!

There were mothers and daughters singing and dancing together, so I got to see that U-KISS is really being loved here in the U.S. Whatever U-KISS said, fans responded, "사랑해 Saranghae I love you." I realized that night that all U-KISS fans are the same wherever they live, especially when one of the KissMes (U-KISS Fan Club member) asked them, "What is the difference between US KissMes and Korean KissMes?’" during the Q&A time and Soo Hyun answered, "Korean KissMes are like my family, but US KissMes are like my wives." Then I heard louder cheers from the crowd than ever. The fans made U-Kiss feel happy, comfortable and special. I felt like I was in Korea because we fans all have exactly the same heart!

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2. U-Kiss is ready to be a global boy band

During the concert, Kevin, AJ and Eli hosted a talk show in English. They translated what other members said into English, and questions from fans into Korean. Kevin and Eli were born and raised in the U.S. so they looked so comfortable during the show. There was also U-Kiss' friends and family in attendance, so the atmosphere inside of the theater was so great and memorable. Kevin especially mentioned that he was so glad to be "back home," and he shed tears when he talked about this special and precious tour. I can’t forget his shaky voice and his tears. I had kind of wished I heard them speak Korean because they are a K-boy band and I miss hearing Korean while I'm away from home, but I had to admit this group is ready to be a global boy band. They sang Korean songs and Japanese songs also.

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3. Seeing Hoon from the K-drama Pretty Man dancing and singing

One thing I was really looking forward to about U-KISS's concert was seeing Hoon, who starred in the K-drama Pretty Man as Kim Bo Tong (IU)’s funny younger brother, Dae Sik. His red hair and Taekwondo uniform were his trade mark in this drama. The character didn’t have a big part, but I watched him carefully, and I finally got to see him in real life at the concert! His red hair and solid body stood out to me. It was an interesting and refreshing experience to see someone dancing and singing who I have watched in a drama. I felt like I knew him.

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4. When U-KISS sang "Standing Still"

Here's Mnet America's clip of U-KISS singing my favorite song that night in New York City. They had so much energy and the crowd loved it! You can watch more of Mnet's highlights from the night and behind the scenes footage of U-KISS's tour HERE on their YouTube channel.

5. My new favorite U-KISS song after going to the concert

After I went to their concert, I couldn't stop listening to this song! If you are looking for a new K-pop song that's guaranteed to catch your heart, try "Stop Girl"! There's both a Korean and an English version, so you can really learn the lyrics.

U-KISS's First US Tour ends tonight after their LA stop, and I'm so happy that Mnet America sponsored their tour! Like every other U-KISS KissMe, I look forward to meeting them again in the U.S. or Korea soon!

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