Some fans are unforgettable. K-pop group U-KISS stopped by SBS PowerFM radio show Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School on February 3. During the visit, they were interviewed by guest DJ Heo Joon about a variety of things. The topic about the group's fans, aka KISSMes, really stood out.

Member Hoon recounted a time when a KISSMe kissed him on the cheek. “I was so flustered that I just stopped. It was like I had just been the victim of something," Hoon said in response to the question about a fan they will never forget. "When I think back, I still get butterflies".

Were you that fan? With that statement, the "Stop Girl" singer just gave unrealistic hope to fangirls around the world. Fans always want to know if their gifts or something they do during a celebrity's visit will help them be remembered. Well, now you know! Although, I wouldn't encourage kissing every celebrity to be unforgettable. 

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