This is so romantic! UEE and Lee Sang Yoon quickly confirmed their dating news after it was reported on May 2. It is a rare occasion that fans find out how two stars first met and started dating. We even have a video of them together the first day they met.

It turns out that  UEE and Lee Sang Yoon first met in December 2015 at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 in Hong Kong.

According to the reports, the lovely singer-actress from K-pop girl group After School and the handsome  Twenty Again actor met for the first time on the red carpet. They were not acquainted or connected previously. However, they met again earlier in 2016 at another gathering and apparently fell for each other. Their agencies said the couple has been dating for 3 to 4 months.

Furthermore, Lee Sang Yoon leaked that he was seeing someone, without naming who, during his fan meet on January 11 in Osaka, Japan. He was asked by a fan whether he had a girlfriend, and he honestly answered, "I do."

Here is a video from MAMA showing the stars together:

You can watch them present an award together at the full awards show here:


Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015

Starring Zion.T and GOT 7

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The two tall stars are so well matched in height that they are already referred to as the "Long-legged Couple." According to another report quoting someone who knows the two stars: 

"They enjoy dates like any ordinary couple and affectionately take care of each other. They both look great like models so they are even the target of envy among the celebrities who call them the 'Long-legged couple.' They do argue like couples, too. However, [the arguments] don't last long, and they are lovingly growing their love while taking care of each other, being faithful toward each other, and trusting each other."

That is so cute!

Although  Marriage Contract fans are surprised that UEE is dating Lee Sang Yoon in real life, we extend to the dating couple our best wishes. After all, Lee Sang Yoon is also famous for his dimpled smile, just like Lee Seo Jin.

Congratulations to the new star couple!

~ NancyZdramaland

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