In new romance drama Marriage Contract, singer-actress UEE is paired with Lee Seo Jin, the acclaimed actor who is famous for his dimples. UEE now joins a special group of beautiful actresses who have starred with Lee Seo Jin in very memorable dramas. Do you know who they are?

(In chronological order:)

1. Ha Ji WonDamo  

Lee Seo Jin deeply loves damo Ha Ji Won but can not marry her due to society's norms in this tension-filled historical drama that has become a classic. (I also included Lee Seo Jin among Ha Ji Won's Top 10 Leading Men.)

2. Lee Eun Joo - Phoenix

Lee Eun Joo plays a young woman who marries poor student Lee Seo Jin. They are then forced by her wealthy parents to divorce. When they meet again years later, she has fallen into poverty while he has become a wealthy businessman. Can she rise again like the phoenix who is reborn in fire?

3. Kim Jung EunLovers

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun enjoy dazzling chemistry on screen, and actually started dating in real life. Unfortunately, they broke up after 2 years.

4. Han Ji MinYi San

Lee Seo Jin plays the titular role of Yi San, which will probably remain the greatest role in his acting career. Han Ji Min plays the commoner girl who was also the crown prince, and later the king's, love of his life. This series was such a blockbuster hit that it kept getting extended. Despite the length, I have watched it several times and cried every time. The two are so perfect for their respective roles that I don't think there can ever be a remake for this drama.

5. Song Ji Hyo - Gyebaek

A historical drama about the legendary general who lead the last battles before the fall of the ancient Baekji kingdom in Korea.  Lee Seo Jin and Song Ji Hyo play lovers who were destined to be apart in life.

6. Kim Hee Sun - Wonderful Days

Lee Seo Jin plays a prosecutor who returns to his home town where he grew up poor. He meets his first love, Kim Hee Sun, again.

And now, we add a new face to Lee Seo Jin's wonderful group of leading ladies:

7. UEEMarriage Contract

UEE plays a young mother who is shouldering the huge debt left by her dead husband. She is chased by debt collectors while she tries to make a meager living and raise her young daughter. When she meets Lee Seo Jin's character, a wealthy restaurateur, they agree to sign a marriage contract to fulfill each other's needs. Will they overcome differences and fall in love?

The new drama has just started. Take a look!


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