In February, young idols of the stage and screen team up for an all-new drama. Television network TvN is gearing up for their upcoming winter drama titled Hogu's Love. A network spokesman spoke with the press recently to confirm the casting of actor Choi Woo Shik, After School's UEE, and SS501's Park Jung Min. They stressed that Choi would take the leading role in the series. 

“Choi Woo Shik’s character is a softy," the spokesman said. "UEE will be playing a beautiful swimmer called Do Do Hee, and Park Jung Min portrays the role of a perfect man named Byun Kang Chul. We are currently casting the remaining main characters. We hope to complete the casting process soon and begin filming.”

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

Hogu's Love is about fraternal twins Ho Gu and his sister Ho Kyung. The main character Ho Gu begins taking care of an abandoned baby. 

Are you anticipating this star-studded series? 

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