UEE and Lee Seo Jin have captured viewers' hearts in the romantic drama Marriage Contract. In a recent interview, UEE answered revealing questions, especially about her passionate kiss with her charismatic leading man, which took three days to reach perfection. We even have a bonus clip containing behind-the-scenes footage.

SPOILER ALERT: We will discuss some details of the drama, which has reached a satisfying ending. If you haven't started the drama yet, you can visit FIRST LOOK to check out the synopsis and HERE to watch a trailer.

UEE was interviewed on MBC's Section TV on April 24 as Marriage Contract reached its grand finale. The ending, although satisfying, was also responsible for causing buckets of tears over a heartfelt romance that portrays a couple who fall in love despite huge background differences and a terminal illness.

The 28-year-old actress' performance has been highly praised, especially when initially there were some viewers questioning the age gap with Lee Seo Jin and her relatively short resume compared to the 45-year-old leading man who had starred with many famous actresses.

Once the drama got underway, there was no more doubt about acting skills or age difference, because viewers were enthralled by the on-screen couple's sizzling romance. Some fans have even commented that they see real love sparkling between the two actors.

Here's what UEE says regarding that passionate kiss. It wasn't just any kiss; it was the couple's first kiss in the story, revealing their deepening feelings for each other.

UEE says, "I let everything go."

What does that mean?

She explains, “It was really cold that day. But at the time [of the kiss] I think it was pretty warm.” She added that she loves Lee Seo Jin's character Ji Hoon, who is her ideal type of man. “Lee Seo Jin is great too, but Han Ji Hoon is really great,” said UEE.

UEE also reveals another enticing tidbit.

She says, “I couldn’t control my emotions sometimes, and I would cry when I wasn’t supposed to. I’d get teary when I looked at Eun Sung, and I’d feel that way when I looked at [Lee Seo Jin], too, so the director would tell me not to get too lost in the role.”

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes clip as they filmed the kiss scene: (Sorry, it is not subbed in English.)

Yes, I'd be lost in kissing Lee Seo Jin, too.

Many viewers of romantic tales don't start a drama until the final happy ending is confirmed. In Marriage Contract's case, it isn't a conventional happy ending, but it'll be a thoroughly satisfying journey that you share with the couple through their enduring love. 

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