On August 27, UEE attended Yun Ho's military event reserved for soldiers' families and significant others, so it is only natural that the two have been swept up in alleged dating rumors.

The "Catch Me" singer graduated at the new soldier training camp in Gyeonggido, Yangju, and all of his family and close friends came to congratulate him. No celebrity friends came to visit him other than his secret buddy UEE. It was unknown whether the pair are close friends in real life, so netizens began speculating there could be something romantic between them. The After School member's agency, Pledis Entertainment, and a close insider quickly shut down the rumors before they started to get out of hand.

"It's true that UEE did attend Yunho's graduation event, but they do not have a special relationship. We think she went because they are close," Pledis explained in an official statement. "From what we know, UEE wasn't the only one who went; there were other acquaintances as well. If the two were dating, then UEE would have felt more cautious about attending such an event [due to public scrutiny]."

The close insider added, "They have maintained a close relationship while being active in the entertainment industry. They both share the similarity of debuting as a singer and taking on acting, and they get along well so they hang out a lot. That is all."

As far as everyone's concerned, there is absolutely nothing going on romantically between the Fool's Love actress and the Queen of Ambition actor. 

What do you think? Do you feel their platonic friendship may blossom into something more in the future? 

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