Students+Face+Crucial+Exams+University+-kFpiVIF5Pzl Nearly 1,500 kids hoping to take the SAT to secure a spot at an American University are out of luck. The May 4th exam date has been canceled throughout the entire country because of widespread cheating accusations. It's been reported by the Wall Street Journal that test prep centers were circulating actual questions that appear on the exam, and at least ten staff members at these prep centers have been barred from leaving the country, while the fate of the students hoping to take the exam remains unknown. While the College Board and ETS (Educational Testing Service) say they expect to be able to offer the SAT in South Korea as early as June, this might not be soon enough for certain school's deadlines. It's been reported that some students are flying to Japan and Hong Kong in order to take the test on time. Have any SAT horror stories of your own? Share them in the comments box below!