by KrisE I understand, and you understand, that certain things that happen in K-Dramas are not to be questioned. We all know that as ridiculous as some situations may appear we just leave it alone and go with the flow. However there is one thing that happens in these dramas that I can’t look pass no matter how hard I try. Stealth mode, being undercover, sneaking around, hiding! Whatever you wanna call it I just don’t get it! Someone explain to me how these characters are forever hiding out and trying not to be obvious when they literally are standing out more than anyone else in the entire scene o_0 It seriously annoys me but makes me laugh at the same time because I’m always like “Come onnnn I know you see him/her!!!” Below are some examples of the nonsense I’m talking about.
  1. City Hunter: Lee Min Ho never fails me when it comes to character examples. I thank him for that. ^_^ But ok realllly!? No one noticed it was you?!?! You’re tall with a distinctively cool haircut and when you acted as “City Hunter” all you did was put on a spiffy black surgical mask and pop your jacket collar so therefore, you were totally unrecognizable..Ummkayy yeah suure.
  2. Romance Town: This just totally blew my mind. I was like come on!! *Throws a tomato at the screen* So basically this maid No Soon Geum (Sung Yu Ri) gets her hands on a lot of money, goes out and buys a new outfit at the mall, gets her make up done, and goes Taemin/GD Style by adding a Diva Weave pony tail piece to her hair. She runs into her employer Kang Gun Woo (Jung Gyu Woon) who doesn’t recognize her AT ALL. -_- You guys, she looked exactly the same! Not like her voice changed either while they stood there having like a huge conversation! That was just toooo ridiculous!
  3. Can You Hear My Heart: Loved this drama! If you loved Baker King Kim Tak Goo you’ll love this! But there’s this one scene that totally cracked me up. Come onnnn!!! How can you hide out in the open, behind a single potted plant, in a BRIGHT YELLOW jacket and not be seen!?!
    1. Tamra the Island: So this drama was really great. I haven’t done an actual review yet so look forward to my first on this ^_^ But okayyy, seriously? DUDE! You’re like the only blonde haired blue eyed foreigner walking around and a HAT is supposed to disguise you?! Yahhh that was an EPIC NG!

      Which Dramas and scenes had you rolling your eyes and saying “Ummm I Can Still See Youuu! o_0” Let me and everyone else know by commenting below!



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