If there was an award for "Uncle of Year," Jesse Nagy would win it in a landslide. Photos of the 26-year-old actor and his 4-year-old niece Izzy have gone viral after Nagy and his adorable little relative dressed up as princesses to go see the live action Cinderella in theaters.  

The uncle decided to dress up like a princess to make sure his niece felt more comfortable about her decision to dress up as well. And the best part of the story is that Nagy held nothing back in his princesses outfit as he borrowed a prom dress and sported a handbag with a tiara.

The photos of the insanely cute family members have received over 1.5 million views, and I have to say that Nagy's giant tattoos actually make the outfit even more perfect. And most importantly, it looks like Izzy had the best day ever. 

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