Hello Drama Clubbers, and welcome to the very first DC for Kim Woo Bin and Suzy's new drama Uncontrollably Fond!! We're very excited to start what is sure to be a heart-pounding and tear-jerking drama. We've already had some pretty serious reveals and learned a lot about the history or our characters. Join Aunnie, Marakeshsparrow, and myself as we discuss this week's episodes!


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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Jazmine: There was a lot to take in after each episode. I purposefully didn’t look up much information about the drama (except that Woo Bin & Suzy were staring in it - enough reason for me to watch). That being said the opening really through me for a loop. I was like “whaaaat” and then the whole terminal illness thing I was like “whaaaat”. It was like whiplash. I do think it’s a little early in the drama to reveal it, but I kinda think it’s good that we know.

Aunnie: At the risk of sound pretentious, having spent nearly a month thinking I had some sort of brain tumor, I understand not telling anyone. I didn’t even tell my mother I was getting tested until the day I was getting the results. But, enough about me, what….ahh….what are your thoughts on our leading lady thus far?

Marakeshsparrow: I mean that makes sense to me (and I’m sorry to hear about your health scare!) But in this case, Joon Young has gotten his results. He knows the end is coming. But I know he’s got a complicated family situation as well. I couldn’t believe the way his mom treated him at the restaurant! Is it really just because she’s disappointed that he didn’t become a prosecutor? I feel like there has to be something else… As for Suzy--oops, I mean No Eul! I like her. She’s pretty scrappy! But I sense she’s not quite as scrappy as she once was. I guess she’s had a few hard knocks...

Jazmine: Health scares are not fun, so sorry you had to go through all that Aunnie! Yeah, Joon Young’s mom was tripping at that restaurant. I mean, we got a good bit of backstory about her whole prosecutor dream fo Joon Young, but like I feel as though something more happened besides him not wanting to be a prosecutor. He’s a successful actor now….and I’m curious to know what made him switch his dream. Cause he was gung ho on being a prosecutor for a moment there. As far as No Eul goes, I love her. She has her flaws, but I think life has thrown A LOT at her. I’m interested to see how she grows from here.

Aunnie: I don’t have a brain tumor, so it’s all good, but thank you! As far as the family dynamics in this drama--yeah, I’d say there is definitely more going on between the Mother and Son relationship. I think it’s because 1) being a hallyu star can bring so much bad “press” and would ultimately be a negative in the eye of a “prosecutor”, i.e. Joon Young’s dad. 2) The mother won’t be able to thumb her nose at the father now that he’s a hallyu star and she will always have to carry her “shame” with her. And I //love// Su--No Eul’s character. She’s so strong!!!

Marakeshsparrow: So another pretty major reveal was that No Eul and Joon Young knew each other when they were both in high school and /almost/ had a romance. Well...maybe not quite a romance, but definitely a connection. Whatever the case, she left a strong enough impression on him that a part of his “bucket list” is to find her. For what? He said he didn’t plan on meeting her, that he just wanted to know everything about her. BUT then she found HIM! //gasp// My question is...did he not recognize her at first? Why was he so resistant to her, like she was a complete stranger. And if he didn’t recognize her at first, what exactly clued him in? I wasn’t really sure about any of that… What was your impression?

Jazmine: Yeah, I was confused too because it’s not like their faces changed at all since high school. I feel like Joon Young wanted to find her because of guilt. He most likely ruined a friendship (I hope we get to see how that all played out), and her father died shortly after. So maybe he wanted to make sure she was doing okay in life to ease his guilt?

Aunnie: About that, I have plenty to say but I’ll try to keep it short. My theory is that he always remembered her //fondly// and decided if anyone was going to collect half of his wealthy, why not the poor girl he /almost/ had a romance with? Perhaps she is “the one that got away” but I think he was going to find her to give her his money. I also think he didn’t recognize her because he expected the woman he--loved?--remembered to be a lowly PD and barely gave her a second once-over. Plus, he’s dying...he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process--I imagine. I hate to say this so early on, but //damn// are they cute together.

Marakeshsparrow: OH yes. They are already super cute. They had super cute chemistry even when they were teenagers. I LOVED that part where No Eul confronted him outside the study hall. She was so cool, with her whole “you’re not my type either”--hahaha. So great. Though, in /reality/ she really did have a thing for him until her friend started dating him. And what about that moment where he showed up at her school with that huge teddy bear? I was dying! He’s so bad! The way he was tickled by how evil he is afterwards was too much. He’s evil all right. Evil and adorable.

Jazmine: They are cute together already. It makes me happy because as the chemistry grows so will my uncontrollable fangirling. Personally, I enjoy Woo Bin in the mean-but-loveable roles. It suits him! Though I’m sure he’s probably sweet as could be in real life.

Aunnie: Considering his previous drama-roles, I don’t think seeing him in a super sweet, utterly romantic, type of role would be believable. Evil though, evil he can do //real// well. I did love that scene with the teddy bear but then it was topped by finding out he carried the portrait at her dad’s funeral. Talk about heartbreaking!! While we’re on the subject of heartbreaking, it’s sad that the person Joon Young wants to impress is a truly evil, corrupt guy. It’s gonna hurt him to find this out.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m so glad you brought that up. The whole story about how Joon Young’s mom had fallen in love with his father one summer when they worked together was super juicy! She was told she wasn’t good enough for someone on their way to becoming a prosecutor. And then she ran off without telling him she was going to have a baby? It was really bittersweet when Joon Young walked with his dad in the rain. It will definitely be a disappointment when he realizes the type of man his dad is--especially since he seems to respect him so much from a distance.

Jazmine: I felt so bad for Joon Young. You could tell he wanted to say something, but I think he was probably 1) nervous and 2) he probably wanted to show that he was “worth” something (hence why he wanted to show his test scores. And oh, when he finds out that his dad is not as good as a person who he thinks and has respect for….I’m not ready.

Aunnie: And the fact that his father is “supported” him in his conquest to become a prosecutor….I feel bad for when the veil falls from his eyes. It’s safe to say this drama is off to a grand start and I can’t wait to see how it continues.

Marakeshsparrow: It’s definitely off to a good start! I’m excited to see where their relationship goes now that they’re reunited as adults. PD meets sexy Hallyu star? YES PLEASE. So ready! Though I know this is going to be a bit of a tear-jerker. Unless somewhere along the way Joon Young gets a second opinion from another doctor, we already know it’s not going to be a happily ever after.

Jazmine: I’m really excited for the start of this drama. It has a lot of potential and even though the plot is developing, it seems promising so far. I’m secretly hoping for a happy ending, but you never know! 

What do you think? Is there more than meets the eye between Joon Young and his relationship with his mother? Do you think that No Eul will find success as a PD, what do you think of her as a character? What are your predictions for the rest of the drama? Will it be happily-ever after or not? Tell us what you think and more in the comments below! 

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