Welcome back Drama Clubbers to another frustrating, emotional, and crazy week [hence the theme for this week] of Uncontrollably Fond! A lot happened to our central characters this week, and this plot is quickly thickening. Join Aunnie, Marakeshsparrow, and myself as we discuss this week's episodes!  

Aunnie: So many things to get angry about . . .so little time to talk about it . . .

Marakeshsparrow: I am seriously so frustrated.

Jazmine: This week’s episodes made me angry as well. I was not happy at all!

Aunnie: Don't get me wrong, I loved a lot of scenes like especially the scene where everyone has this realization of just how damaged No Eul has become and suddenly everyone is dead set on obtaining justice at any cost. Im sure thats a weird thing to appreciate but to me it was also very realistic. Haven't we all had our hopeless moments?

Marakeshsparrow: I . . . just . . . //sigh// It really kills me that Joon Young is denying himself like he is and being so cruel. I know, I know, last week I was all “even if it’s noble idiocy it really /is/ pretty noble.” But this week I have changed my mind! Mainly because I didn’t expect him to be so cruel to No Eul, just avoid her and work on finding her justice silently behind the scenes. But now he’s just putting her through pain and even more than that, himself! He clearly is struggling and hurting because he hates treating her the way he is--he’s only got a month or so left to live! He needs to find some kind of happiness in that time or I’m going to seriously have a conniption fit. Haha.

Jazmine: Oh yeah, I was done with Joon Young this week. I guess I understand why he’s doing all that, but I don’t like him being a jerk to No Eul. He’s becoming like Daddy Long Legs was in the beginning of the drama and I don’t like it. Especially since he’s still madly in love with No Eul (I mean, did you see how he beat up that other guy!?). I just wish he’d had a conversation with No Eul, it would make life so much better for both of them.

Aunnie: So...I'm on the opposite end of this. I think he’s doing the right thing it's almost, /almost/ as cruel to make her fall for him (which is too late) and then die on her. I mean, I am not happy with Ji Tae at the moment, but I do think he’s got a valid point. Annnnnnd speaking of the little bugger, Whoa did Ji Tae become over confident with regard to No Eul on that balcony. “You’ll have feelings for me eventually” like…….is she not allowed to change her mind, dude? But then he made up for it with the scenes where he rebels against his Mama!

Marakeshsparrow: So I feel frustrated by pretty much everything that’s going on in this drama right now. Ji Tae, his parents, even No Eul and what she’s stooped to having to do. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why she accepted the money from Ji Tae’s mom (aka the WORST WOMAN ON EARTH . . . except for maybe his fiancé) No Eul had just been schooled by her younger brother and realizes that she has to find a way to take care of him and make sure he gets the education he deserves. So I don’t blame her for taking it, it’s just sad that life has brought her to that point. And I feel like as hard as Ji Tae tries he’s still tangled in his parent’s web and can’t really break free. Don’t even get me STARTED on his fiancé.

Jazmine: Ji Tae’s mom is like the worst human being in this drama. Even though, I’m glad she’s resorted to giving No Eul money instead of trying to harm her. I also don’t blame No Eul for taking the money. Jik wants to got o college, but is worried about the fiances of his sister. It makes sense for No Eul to take that. And speaking of Ji Tae….he’s annoying me too. He wants to get this all out revenge on his parents but for what? For No Eul, but how does that help her? It confuses me. It seems like Joon Young & Ji Tae want to help No Eul but they’re hurting her in the process.

Aunnie: I think...no matter what they do No Eul is going to get hurt. I think Ji Tae deserves to also get his revenge on--its weird, I'm not necessarily liking what's happening in this Drama right now but I'm not really against any of their choices either because it's all very justifiable. I really want to know what Joon Young said in his video though! How--oh oh oh, how funny and awkward was the scene between the Assemblyman, Young Ok and her Oppa?!?!?

Marakeshsparrow: GAH! You brought up another moment that really set me off. I seriously can’t deal with Young Ok. She was totally bothering me when she was all catatonic after seeing the Assemblyman. I mean, like you said Aunnie, most of what these characters are doing is justifiable--she hasn’t seen the man in 20 years, she’s always been practically obsessed with him, still seems to be in love with him (or just has been for so long, she doesn’t know how *not* to be), so it makes sense she’d be shook up. BUT . . . it still annoys the crap out of me. The whole way she handled that situation, calling in Oppa and pretending he was her husband and Joon Young’s father--/what?/ Here was the Assemblyman, right in front of you, praising your son, and you decide to lie? I know she froze up and probably panicked, but I still don’t like it. //sigh//

Jazmine: I was also annoyed. I don’t mind Young Ok being flustered but she didn’t have to lie. She could have just been honest and she said wasn’t married or not answered at all. She doesn’t owe the Assemblyman any answers about her personal or private life. I mean, if he was really interested then I’m sure he could have looked her up. He apparently has a lot of power. I wish Young Ok should see that she’s made it as far as she has without any help from the Assemblyman. I also felt bad for her Oppa. Clearly he likes her, and that was just so cruel to me. What do you think is going to happen once Ji Tae’s mom finds out that the Assemblyman met Young Ok (cause she has to find out)?

Aunnie: You think her Oppa likes her? Hmmm...I guess I never entertained the thought, I Just thought he cared for her in a brotherly way. But maybe he does… (side note--I love, love, love how his relationship works with his son. I can't get enough of their tempers and familial violence) but yeah, I agree, she had absolutely no reason to lie and the fact that she did . . . I just kind of seen her as a pathetic character, I just pity her. Know who I dont pity? That…..woman. *fumes*

Marakeshsparrow: Oh man, by that “woman” are you referring to Ji Tae’s fiance? Because by the end of episode 14 she pretty much moved up to the top of my Hate List. Who the hell does she think she is to go off on No Eul the way she did? She’s totally crazy! Like a loose cannon! But what bothered me even more was the way No Eul just kept ducking 

her head and saying she was sorry. I guess she felt like she had to act that way since she’d taken the money his mom had offered her? But still . . . if she only knew who she was. If she only knew she was the one who had killed her father. Dang, I really want to see what happens when she finds out, because that scene at the restaurant was like physically painful for me.

Jazmine: Ji Tae’s fiance really pissed me off this week too. Why does she feel so entitled? To Ji Tae and now to Joon Young. This girl could possibly have the best life ever and yet chooses to waste it on….a man who doesn’t want her and another man just to steal him from another girl? It’s weird and a waste of her time. But oh man, I was so angry about the whole dinner scene. How could she do that No Eul? I wish No Eul could have stood up for herself more, but I guess I understand her response.

Aunnie: here's the thing, I think No Eul will stand up for herself once she remembers herself--and she’ll be magnificent! She’s going to make us all happy, we just gotta wait for it. The most anticipated scene for mw is when she finds out who killed her father but Im pretty sure she WONT be happy to find out Ji Tae almost married her! So far not a single character outside of Jik is making me happy. 

That's it for this week! What do you think is going to happen next? Will No Eul ever get proper justice for her dad? What's Joon Young endgame with Ji Tae's fiance? How far do you think Ji Tae's parents are going to go? Are Ji Tae and Joon Young really doing the best they can for No Eul? Let us know in the comments below!

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