Well, heck. It’s the week before last and everyone is releasing the skeletons from their closets; they are laying it all on the line; they are playing their trumps---are you catching our drift? It was a shocking week to say the least and the game has been set for next week’s finale, The only question is--who is going to make it out alive? Join Marakeshsparrow and I as we discuss how this week went own--in gritty detail. 

Aunnie: I would feel bad for the “Make it out alive” comment if it wasn’t a brutally honest question at this point. Between Joon Young’s collapse and Ji Tae’s car accident . . . I’m seriously at a loss for words.

Marakeshsparrow: I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Joon Young is in La La land and the whole situation with Ji Tae and his parents has me totally perplexed. So I’ve got to just dive right in, I can’t beat around the bush--the part that had me totally shocked and surprised was the Assemblyman’s confession. He was the one who sent Joon Young’s mother away? He’s the one who framed Joon Young as a drug user? And now, is he also the one who sent a car after Ji Tae to stop him from going to the press? //shakes head in confusion// That totally threw me off. This whole time I’ve been thinking he was a good guy lead astray by his evil wife. But . . . I guess I was wrong?

Aunnie: I could not believe that scene. I actually “rewound” it back because I thought for SURE I’d read it wrong. I really did and then I paused it and gave myself time to be floored. I was like . . . What? Then I had to think back to every comment and/or emotion where I actually felt bad for the guy and regretted them hardcore. On one hand, wow . . .what a great actor, on the other hand though . . . *shudders* However, I’m not 100% sold on whether it was him who planned out Ji Tae’s accident due to Ji Tae taking that last U-turn. At this point though, I can’t put anything past him, especially since there is no reason to believe he doesn’t know that Ji Tae isn’t his real son. If he can do what he did to Joon Young--knowing who he is--it’d be nothing off his back to orchestrate an accident for a child not his own.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m still wondering if maybe there’s some sort of confusion. Like maybe the Assemblyman was just telling his wife that he was the one who sent Young Ok away because he was trying to console her somehow? Make her feel better? Because I mean . . . how could he be that good of an actor? He’s got to be a good guy deep down, right? Right?

Aunnie: Hahaha, you sound like me right after that scene happened. We can convince ourselves of anything if we believe enough. There was a bit of redemption, however, for one of our characters. Ji Tae. I was pleasantly surprised to see him actually having familial affection for Joon Young--despite not actually being his brother in any way. I just hope the writer’s didn’t do that because they knew they were going to kill Ji Tae off.

Marakeshsparrow: I feel so bad for Ji Tae. I feel like he’s always getting the short end of the stick. It feels like no one really cares much for him except for Crazy what’s-her-name. (OMG, by the way, I almost died when she called Ji Tae to beg for his help because she’d found out Joon Young filmed their conversation about the hit and run, and then Ji Tae was just like “CLICK” he hung up on her without even letting her finish or batting an eye, hahahahahaha). So speaking of Crazy--what did you think of Joon Young finally showing No Eul the truth, that he’d been using her to confess to her crime so that No Eul could have some peace. Do you think they’re really going to go to the police with the tape? Or was revealing the truth to No Eul enough?

Aunnie: Bwahahaha, I had a great laugh when he justs ended the call. I was like “What did you think was going to happen?” He has not once hesitated in ending their relationship, so why she’d think to call him. *shakes head* Girl…. Anyway, I have mixed feelings for the confession scene. On one hand, yes. Finally, it’s what the whole goal of this show has been about so yay, I’ glad he finally came out and is in the open . . . but then I’m like “Joon Young you did not have to tell her you were the dude on the bike.” I understand why he did it but making yourself into a monster after pushing her away--that part made me very, very sad for Joon Young and I didn’t think I could feel any more bad for this guy.

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh. It’s all pain, frustration and sadness with these characters!!! Even our cutesy story line with Jik and Haru turned all sad and frustrating in these last episodes. But back to Joon Young and No Eul--I guess I can’t say I’m surprised that the truth ended up pushing No Eul away, I mean, it’s a lot for her to take in. But I guess it also wasn’t quite as satisfying as I was hoping. It just seems like everyone is miserable at this point in the story and this admission of the truth just added more fuel to the fire, making everyone even /more/ miserable.

Aunnie No joke, everyone is miserable--including our No Jik and Ha Ru. I felt awful for those two. 1) Not only does Ha Ru not have /any clue/ in what’s going on but 2) It was very obvious No Jik had feelings for her. I almost busted into tears watching him fall apart in the cafe. I mean, I felt so bad that even his announcement of his sexual orientation didn’t have me doing more than a mere chuckle. I like the confession scene between No Eul and No Jik though. Call me weird but it was kind of comforting to know that the dynamic of their relationship changed enough that No Eul didn’t have to carry the burden alone.

Marakeshsparrow: Awwww No Jik is such a good boy. That scene really moved me too. He loves his noona so much, to even sacrifice his own happiness so he can stand with his family (I know the whole noble idiocy thing is not a new concept, but in this instance I found it oddly touching). Yeah, thank god they have each other. I think No Eul would completely fall apart if it wasn’t for her brother. Oh! The other thing I really enjoyed was No Eul’s developing relationship with Joon Young’s mom! I loved their interaction and I’m really happy that Young Ok shows No Eul compassion and kindness. I think she sees herself in No Eul. No Eul though, the poor girl, she so desperately needs love and support and she really has no one to lean on at this point, so it was nice to see her get some tender motherly love.

Aunnie; Oh, absolutely. At first, I thought that Young Ok would start to push No Eul away but I’m really, really relieved to find out she has a heart because for awhile there---it was questionable. I agree, I do think Young Ok sees herself in No Eul, their situations aren’t very different except that No Eul didn’t/isn’t running away and I think Young Ok admires her for that. I also thought it was adorable how she called Joon Young to come over to fix the chair and wanted to fix everything. I was glad to see that Joon Young still had feelings for No Eul--he was starting to convince even /me/ that he had gotten over her and then his memories started to go.

Marakeshsparrow: I always believed that Joon Young loved No Eul even despite pushing her away like he’s been doing, but great googly moogly was he frustrating me. I couldn’t believe he asked No Eul to be the PD for filming his “engagement” to what’s-her-face. I was like “EXCUSE ME? You have gone too far, sir. TOO FAR.” Thankfully that was a part of his plan, but still, jeez o petes, he doesn’t know how to let a girl down easy. He put her through the emotional ringer with that whole event and I have to believe there was a less traumatic way to let the truth out, hahaha. A part of me is almost happy that he’s all confused and having memory issues now, because if he believes it’s 5 years earlier or whatever, he might actually be sweet with No Eul again.

Aunnie: So I guess it all comes down to this . . . who’s going to get out alive? I mean, we’re pretty sure that Joon Young is going to perish, right? What about Ji Tae? Will the guilty finally get their come uppance? I’m curious, what is your prediction for the end of the show?

Marakeshsparrow: Oh man, at this point I feel like anything could still happen. The truth is out about Joon Young’s illness, the whole world knows he’s dying now. I feel like we’re probably going to get a tragic ending with this one. As much as I’ve been praying for some unbelievably cheesy Kdrama miracle, I kind of feel like Joon Young’s fate has been decided now. But . . . I’m not so sure about Ji Tae. I don’t really think he’s dead (at least I hope not). I’m kind of wondering if the accident he was in will allow him to have a new lease on life and let go of all the guilt and misery he’s been carrying with him all these years. As for No Eul, I fear the girl will have her heart broken and quite intensely. But hopefully she’ll be able to move on and live her life happily with her family. Maybe she will remain close to Joon Young’s mom? I don’t know. I’m sure there will be some kind of bittersweet silver lining for her. But yeah, it doesn’t look good for her romance with Joon Young.

Aunnie: Yeah, I remember at the beginning believing there would be some kdrama miracle happening for Joon Young but as the show has continued, I don’t think that is in his cards any more. I’m thinking Joon Young is going to pass away. As far as Ji Tae is concerned, I can see that going down one of two ways: first, he dies, leaves his small but comfortable fortune to No Eul and she goes off to start a new life knowing her Long Legged Ahjusshi was a good guy. Secondly, Ji Tae lives, doesn’t remember his life but knows he doesn’t want to be around his mother and the assemblyman and feels more comfortable with No Eul so she takes care of him and they stay friends for ever and ever and ever and ever. While in the meantime, Mommy Dearest knows the Assemblyman orchestrated the accident and--how dare he do that to her son--and they implode like a bad dwarf star.

Marakeshsparrow: Hahaha! I like your version of this drama’s ending. I hope that’s how it goes. Because I would loooooove to see that “toxic” relationship implode and end in misery while everyone else (minus Joon Young, alas) lives more or less happily ever after.

Aunnie: I guess we won’t know until next week. 


Will this be the end of the sadness for this drama? Doubtful but we can dream, can't we?So let's have a rundown: 1) Joon Young's illness is public knowledge and we can see that his mother pleads for assistance from our "bad guy"; 2) Ji Tae is knocking on death's door and we are still unsure of whether or not the Grim Reaper is going to answer; 3) No Eul has completely shut her heart down to Joon Young and Ji Tae but can she remain that way; and finally 4) Will the bad guys get their due? We've made our predictions, let's hear yours. Please leave us comments in the comment section and let us know your thoughts on next week's finale. (Don't forget the tissues next week!)

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