Welcome back, my Uncontrollably Fond Friends! This week we had a series of revelations, some came as pleasant surprises but mostly we are just redefining how crazy some of these characters are. However, in the midst of all the crazies, alliance's are being forge, uncpeople are confessing their sins and otherwise keeping us hook to our computer screens. Join Jazmine, Marakeshsparrow and I as we discuss which characters are giving us the crazy-eye.

Aunnie: I can definitely make a shout out to who gave me the biggest crazy moment this week. Oh, good Lawd, Joon Young’s mama floored me this week. I cannt understand how someone . . . Could so unequivocally state that another human being is so grand as to not have flaws. Like, who does she think this assemblyman was/is? A demi-god? And the “Uncle” getting mad at Joon Young for yelling at his mom? really I was so done with the pair of them this week. I hope they change by next week.

Marakeshsparrow: O...M...G… That moment was really something else. I said it last week, and I have to say it again: what is so great about this assemblyman that these two women (Joon Young’s mom and Ji Tae’s mom) are so obsessed with him and pretty much dedicate their whole lives and everything they do to him. Does he poop gold? Does his sweat smell like roses? Like what is it? I almost want a drama (ALMOST, not quite) that tells the story of what happened between the three of them when they were younger. Like what is this crazy spell that has all their lives so entwined even almost 30 years later? I couldn’t believe what she was saying to her son in that moment you mentioned, Aunnie. I was literally yelling “WHAT?!?!” at my computer screen, but it just seemed so crazy and ridiculous… But she’s honestly not the only crazy one in these episodes.

Jazmine: Listen, I was 100% done with Joon Young’s mom during that scene. She couldn’t put aside her weird obsession for the Assemblyman to even try and believe Joon Young. Like this entire time she must have known his reasons for quitting the prosecutor path were deeper than she originally thought. She was just being willfully ignorant to those reasons. As far as Ji Tae’s mom - don’t get me started with her. She’s my least favorite forever (her and Ji Tae’ “fiance”).

Aunnie: Despite being internally glad that No Eul and Jae Ti decided to “Date” I was not happy about why they decided to date. Like, obviously it's for the wrong reasons but now his love for her and her--affection (‘cause let's be serious, she has to still have feelings for him)--for Him just seems . . . Dirty. You know? Like, this is just going to make them resent each other and I hate that that's where their characters are headed.

Marakeshsparrow: That was the moment I was most intrigued by in these last two episodes. I was dying to know what happened after Ji Tae showed up at her Taxi in a tux. I’m glad he told her the truth, but I really don’t think they’re actually going to date. She said she wanted to date him because she wanted to get revenge on his parents, but I think she was saying that from a place of pain and anger. I don’t think she’ll go through with it seriously and I don’t think Ji Tae would accept her on those terms. I know he loves her and I know she still cares about him (though honestly I think she had more passionate feelings for Joon Young) but I think they both realize that dating just for revenge is not the right move. At least, I’m giving them that much credit. We’ll see if they live up to my expectations.

Jazmine: I was not happy at all that Ji Tae and No Eul decided to “date” or whatever. It’s not going to help them or No Eul’s situation. Revenge? I was rolling my eyes so hard at the screen. No Eul’s want for revenge is justified (I guess), but I liked her character in the beginning because that’s not what she was after. While I wanted her to get justice and stand up for herself more this is not what I had in mind. Ji Tae’s actions may seem selfless but it just seems so wrapped up in his own self-gratification for helping No Eul. It’s annoying.

Aunnie: Ok, I've talked about Joon Young’s mom but let's go back to Ji Tae’s mother and the fact that she proved she’d be willing to kill to get No Eul to get out of the picture. Seriously, why do the bad guys never think to just “Hey . . . You leave us be, we’ll leave you be and call it even”? I know, I know, ‘cause they're bad guys but damn . . . I could never just nonchalantly almost murder a 17 year old boy. It’s crazy that this woman doesn't even bat a shameful eyelash at the idea of ending such a young life in order to make a young woman suffer more than she already has. Like, No Eul has 1 thing left to lose, her brother, without which she has nothing and will most likely never give the Choi family peace.

Marakeshsparrow: OMO that part was so intense! It’s weird, but I was actually oddly impressed by how slick and underhanded Ji Tae’s mom’s threat was. She was threatening No Eul right in front of the others and she did it so slyly that No Eul was the only one who realized what was going on. Epic. She’s definitely a politician’s wife and that makes it even more clear that she’s really been the one pulling the strings for the assemblyman this whole time. As she said, she’s the one who made him who he is (aka a bad person--great, you should be proud…) But yeah, that blew my mind a bit. But I appreciate that her crazy behavior is what finally snapped Ji Tae out of his filial funk and made him realize he shouldn’t live his life trying to impress these corrupt people. I don’t know how I feel about his current arrangement with No Eul, but I was really glad to see him stand up to his parents, especially his dad.

Jazmine: I have to agree with you Marakeshsparrow, Ji Tae’s mom is the worst but she’s a real good villain. I was also surprised at the lengths she would go to just to make No Eul suffer. Why? She’s a super grown woman. Like, live your life lady. Anyhoo, Ji Tae snapping at his dad in front of those people and then again in the office was one of my favorite moments this week. This is what Ji Tae can do to best help No Eul and himself. He can stop getting caught up in the wickedness of his parents and just live his life!

Aunnie: And right up there on the list of crazies is Joon Young. What in the world is going through his head? Someone explain to me again why he’s avoiding No Eul again? Because of what Ji Tae said? I think it's interesting that Joon Young was totally chill with going Gung Ho to try and win her heart but the instant he finds out someone knew what he did way back when suddenly he decides he is undeserving. I mean, not that Ji Tae’s little telephonic monologue wasn't impressive, it was and all, but really . . . that’s what changed Joon Young’s mind. Speaking of, little side note--along with Ji Tae’s monologue, I Have to say the writer’s are really good about giving character speeches (another example would be No Eul’s telephonic confession).

Marakeshsparrow: So I have mixed feelings on this. At first, I was like, COME ON--this is BULLS#$%!!! How could he be so easily dissuaded when he’s got such a short time left to live, blah blah blah. But then after I saw what he was doing, I could kind of appreciate his actions. For one, since he /is/ going to die in three months, it’s kind of unfair to make No Eul fall in love with him and then just leave her. What a blow that will be! So instead he’s doing what he feels he owes her, trying to set things right and find the justice for her father that she’d always wanted so she can live happily and well. That to me is really beautiful and selfless. HOWEVER...I’m sure it’s not going to stay that way. I mean, I want them to be together and all, but I also don’t know if I’m ready for a tragic tear fest when he inevitably dies and leaves her broken hearted. #conflicted

Jazmine: Nah, I was mad AF at Joon Young suddenly deciding that he was just gonna drop No Eul even if he’s trying to reveal everything about her dad. Like, did he take a minute and consider what SHE wanted? Has anyone in this drama done that?? If Joon Young would swallow his pride and fear and tell No Eul everything then they could be an unstoppable force. Whether he dies and they’re in a relationship or he dies alone I feel like No Eul’s pain will be the same, but if they’re relationship then maybe she’ll have better memories. I was upset that Joon Young’s mind was swayed so suddenly. In my mind, Ji Tae is was holding himself back because he thought he didn’t deserve No Eul meanwhile Joon Young took the risk because he loved her. I don’t like seeing their roles switched (its cause I don’t like Ji Tae).

Marakeshsparrow: Also, Aunnie you mentioned the amazing monologues in this drama. I was particularly struck by two: the one where the Assemblyman was talking to Ji Tae and basically telling him that if he didn’t have the courage to stand up and announce to the world what his parents did that he needed to just shut his mouth and live quietly like a coward. That was super epic and some really excellent acting from that actor. Also, the part where Suzy--I mean No Eul was outside the Assemblyman’s house and talking about she had wanted to just live quietly, how she wasn’t the dangerous one, how /they/ are the real dangerous people--I was super impressed by her acting there. I could feel her pain and the injustice and it just made me so much more angry at both the assemblyman and his wife. Sigh. As crazy as this plot can get, I have to say the acting is definitely top notch.

Aunnie: And that cliffhanger . . . Who do you think was more shocked--Joon Young or who-cares-what-her-name-is?

Jazmine: Oh definitely who-cares-what-her-name-is. She’s probably going to burn her little restaurant down in frustration. Or probably call Ji Tae’s mom which will just be ugggh. I feel like Joon Young is gonna laugh it all off or act really mean but then go back to his room and cry. I hope I’m wrong, but I could be right. However, I am very excited for next week!

Marakeshsparrow: Damn these cliffhangers! It always gets the most interesting right as the episode ends. //fumes// What an epic run-in. Of course they would all cross paths at the same time. I feel like Joon Young is unhappy, but he’s probably not terribly shocked. What’s her face on the other hand is probably ready to have a coronary--I mean, did you guys see the tantrum she threw at the frickin’ dress shop? They had to practically restrain her! I really kind of hope she loses it and goes up to him and slaps him or something, just because I want them all to see how crazy she really is. Hahaha. But I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to know for sure!


There is our list of crazies, My Fondess' and it's a hefty list this week. Left wondering what deal has been struck between Joon Young and Ji Tae? Questioning how far Ji Tae and No Eul are willing to go to exact revenge on those who are long past their due? Hoping No Eul will win against She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Us too! Join us next week for episode 13 & 14! See you then!

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