Welcome back to another week of Uncontrollably Fond Drama Club! It was another frustrating couple episodes for our two main leads--it seems like the more truths that come out, the more pain everyone is in. What will happen now that the Assemblyman knows Joon Young is his illegitimate son? And perhaps more importantly, what happens now that No Eul knows Joon Young doesn’t have long to live? Will she ever be able to reach him now that his memory seems to be failing him? Join Aunnie, Jazmine and me, Marakeshsparrow, as we discuss and speculate!

Marakeshsparrow: So...where do we start with this week? The frustration has continued and it’s driving me to the brink! There’s so much going on and I’m starting to lose track of why Joon Young is resisting No Eul--is he still trying to find her justice, or is he just trying to save her more heartbreak because he’s dying? Ugh! The frustration is real! I really feel so sad for both of them, but it kills me to see No Eul constantly pushed away when all she wants to do is help. BY THE WAY, what did you think about her finally finding out that Joon Young was terminally ill???

Aunnie: i think she handled it beautifully! No hysterics for our leading lady, which is probably a good thing for Joon Young. I wish HE’D handled it better, to be honest. I was heartbroken to discover he started losing memories and how terrifying for him. That scene about Pororo, *tears* While all No Eul’s drama is happening, I'm glad the writers are balancing it with No Jik’s sweetheart romance with Ha Ru. I mean, watching them makes me cringe most of the time but it's a different kind of cringing than how No Eul’s drama is making me cringe.

Jazmine: Honestly, I’m not sure why Joon Young is still being a jerk to No Eul. Clearly he’s forgotten about revenge because he didn’t recognize the ”13 days until statue of limitations” alarm on his phone --which makes me question what is actually going on with him and Ms. No-name? Like what’s his end game? I do feel really bad for No Eul, it breaks my heart. She really wants to be there for him and he’s treating her like crap. So when No Eul found out about Joon Young’s illness I was like FINALLY!! I’m glad she knows and I’m hoping more secrets gets revealed now, like a snowball effect.

Aunnie: I commend Joon Young for standing his gr--I can’t even finish my sentence. What….I mean, I feel awful for him. In one hand, Im glad he is sticking to his guns and trying to spare No Eul pain BUT I feel like as soon as she found out, he should have let her back into his life. That kiss with Not-worthy-of-a-name, however, caught me by surprise.

Marakeshsparrow: //bangs head against desk// He and Ms. Not-worthy-of-a-name kissing almost made me spit out my water all over my computer. Ok, so first, I thought it was pretty amusing how Joon Young let her in with her wine and her intentions to seduce him and then was like, “oh, sorry I have to do something first, can you wait here?” then proceeded to just sit in his car for hours and make her wait. Hahahahaha. But then the whole kiss? I know his intentions are to manipulate her somehow into either stepping up and admitting her crime or flat out turning herself in. But now, he’s what? Got amnesia? He doesn’t remember what he was doing regarding the hit and run case and he seems really confused. I’m really hoping he doesn’t think SHE (as in No-name) is the one who said she loved him at his front door. Cuz...that will be the last straw for my frustration tolerance levels.

Jazmine: OMG I was thinking the same thing!! If Joon Young thinks that she said "I love you" then I will throw something! Also, that kiss was so awkward for me to watch. Like, Joon Young doesn’t really like this woman and is trying to get revenge for No Eul….I just wish he could go about it a different way. I don’t like Ms. Not-worthy-of-a-name, but being used is like the worst feeling (not that she doesn’t have TONS of bad karma coming her way). And speaking of being used --turns out Ji Tae’s mom is like the mastermind behind everything! She helped cover up the hit-and-run and was holding over Ms. Whatever for all these years. I thought that was crazy (this show is crazy). Like Ji Tae’s mom has got to be one of the worst fictional humans ever.

Aunnie: This show is really good at keeping us guessing. I just wish everyone in Ji Tae’s family would just let all their secrets fly because everyone knows a little bit of everything. This family is just going to implode.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! Yes! When Ji Tae's mom brought up how she could “take care of it” for Ms. Whatever (lol I love our nicknames for her) the way she did once before, my jaw almost dropped. I was like, “no, she can’t mean…” DUDE. Joon Young and now even his mom think that the Assemblyman became a bad person because of his power and ambition, but really it’s his wife’s influence!!! She did say once before that everything he is now was because of her and she is totally right. I really would like to know more about the story from the past, as in how Ji Tae’s mom was able to get rid of Joon Young’s mom and manipulate her way into the Assemblyman’s life even when she was pregnant with another man’s child! She is pure pure evil!!!!! And she’s worked so hard to keep him from knowing about his real son, but it looks like he’s figuring it out anyway.

Jazmine: Marakeshsparrow, I’m also curious about Ji Tae’s mom’s backstory. I wish they would have included some flashbacks by now….maybe we’ll see some soon.

Marakeshsparrow: Hopefully, but we're so far into the drama, who knows. Anyway, speaking of Ji Tae’s mom leads me to something else--what are we thinking of Ji Tae's behavior these days?

Aunnie: Ji Tae, it's a sad day when you have to admit that you still love the second lead but now you can’t justify his a$$hole behavior. As he wars with his parents, I'm screaming “Right On!!” but when he was telling Joon Young to just die quietly--Heartless. I mean, I think he was feeling guilty about what he said a bit later but not nearly as guilty as he should have felt.

Jazmine: As for Ji Tae, that man needs someone to talk to. I feel like he’s acting reckless. From trying to fire his mother, to telling Joon Young to die quietly….I just feel like the line is getting blurred from trying to help No Eul and his own personal “revenge." He did say to his mom that it wasn’t about No Eul, but everything started because of No Eul. I think he needs to take a step back and calculate things more if he’s going to act like this. Or maybe he is being calculated, I’m not sure. Also the heart-to-heart he had with the Assemblyman in front of Joon Young’s place and then again later in front of their house had me in all my feels!!

Marakeshsparrow: I agree totally with this. I think he definitely needs to take a step back and look at what he’s doing. I think he got so confused and distressed about the truth that he’s not his father’s biological son, that Joon Young is, that No Eul was in love with Joon Young--I mean I really can’t blame the poor guy for feeling overwhelmed and getting off track. The thing is, I think he’s inherently a good person, but he’s starting to turn cold because everything is happening at once. It’s probably too much for him!

Marakeshsparrow: Siiiiigh. I don’t know what will become of him. I’d honestly like No Eul to be able to lean on him if Joon Young is really going to die, but I don’t know if that’s possible for her. And I REALLY hope that Ji Tae doesn’t somehow end back up with Ms. Whatever. I’m hoping she just has an awful, miserable fate and ends up in prison or something. I was watching him really carefully whenever she brought up finding another man and then he told Joon Young not to mess with her. Grrr…. He better not decide to go back to her.

Aunnie: I have the same fear. When she stormed out of their residence in ep 16, I felt like Ji Tae was a little too shocked by her exit for me to rest comfortably for next week. I will definitely lose all respect if he does got back to her.

Jazmine: If he goes back to her I swear my head will explode. He made this big hooplah about them not being together anymore, and treated her quite terribly so he better suck it and keep moving forward. I do think it’s too much for him, I mean it’s a lot for anyone. If Joon Young ends up dying, I don’t want No Eul to go back to Ji Tae. I just feel like she needs to start over fresh. Try and move on and get some fresh new air (read: man).

Aunnie: Okay, now on to No Eul . . . Im glad she doesn't stay in her “woe is me” moments but damn, if I was her, I'd probably not get out of my bed for a week, steel my reserve and then avoid both men. I feel awful for her, she’s in a rough predicament.

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh. We mentioned this before, but thank goodness for the cute moments between Jik and Haru. At least there was some light hearted cuteness. Because everyone else is in so much pain. I do feel really sad for No Eul and I think Jazmine’s right, she probably just needs to start completely over and try to rebuild her life. But I’m also right there with Aunnie--I’m super impressed by her strength. I don’t think I’d be able to deal with the intensity of the situation. The man she loves is dying and pushing her away. It probably feels like there’s no way to reach him, no way to help.

Marakeshsparrow: I mean she did threaten to tell everyone about his illness, but I felt like that was kind of an empty threat. I really want to see what happens next! Does Joo Young get more involved with Ms. No-name? There was some talk about him proposing to the “woman he loves” in the previews for next week. I swear if he means that gizibe . . . lol

Aunnie: My secondary fear is that Joon Young might think he's serious about Ms. No-Name because he can’t remember not to be serious. I'm anxious, guys. Like, this show has proven that we can expect almost nothing and everything is up in the air. I'm going into next week with some serious trepidation and doubts. I guess we need to prepare ourselves for anything--even the worst.

Marakeshsparrow: Ah! I’m nervous! Lol. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what next week brings!

Well another week down and more heart break, pain and twisted emotions. Now Joon Young seems to be having issues with his memory--will he be able to remember the love he shared with No Eul? It's really not looking good for their romance; let's hope some crazy K-drama miracle happens (I'll accept it even if it's completely unbelievable) and Joon Young is able to survive and live happily ever after with No Eul. I think they both deserve it after all the pain they've gone through in their lives. Join us next week as we discuss what lies in store for our Uncontrollably Fond OTP! 

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