Welcome back Drama Clubbers for the finale of Uncontrollably Fond! We've finally made it to the dramatic (yet also surprisingly calm) end of such a roller-coaster of an amazing drama. Join Aunnie, Markeshsparrrow and myself as we discuss these last episodes! 

Aunnie: *pulls 487th tissue from the kleenex box* The acting was superb the last 2 episodes. Just . . . *breaks down* WHHHHYYYYY?!?!?!?

Marakeshsparrow: I second your WHHHHYYYYYY?!?!?!?! Aunnie. I mean, we all knew this wasn’t going to have a happily ever after sort of ending. But I feel like they really pulled the punches with the sadness here. Good lord. So many tears. Siiiiigh.

Jazmine: Listen, I'm pretty sure I cried through the entire last episode. Especially when it hit me that there really was no way to save Joon Young. And these last two episodes were actually some of my fave throughout the drama. Which part of this finale made you guys cry the most? For me, it was the scene with his mom. My heart COULD NOT take it.

Aunnie: Yeah, by far the scene with his mom. When she thanks him for being his son and he thanks her for-for-for *tears* Okay, theatrics aside, that scene was one of the most powerful of the series. I also liked (is “liked” even appropriate?) The scene with Ji Tae and he says “let's meet again and I'll treat you properly ” The whole last episode truly was beautifully shot.

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh. So much sad. Both of those scenes definitely choked me up. ESPECIALLY the scene with his mom, of course. But what also got me was the scene with his dad in Ep. 19. When he went to see the Assemblyman and had lost his memory again, forgetting all the pain and still looking up to his father as a great man he wanted to be like. That was so bittersweet. His father got to see how innocent Joon Young had once been and how much he idolized his dad. I think that and the video footage No Eul shared with him really opened his eyes. I’m so glad it lead him to turning the footage over and telling the whole truth, even if it meant he was going to get arrested.

Jazmine: I almost forgot about that scene with his dad. Yeah I was in tears then too. I'm glad the Assemblyman got to see that side of Joon Young, and I'm equally happy that he turned in the footage. I was really hoping that No Eul would get some kind of justice for her dad and it makes me happy that not only she got it, but revenge nor self-pity consumed her. She had some really great character development throughout the series (almost all the characters did - except you Ji Tae’s mom). The writers did good.

Aunnie: Yeah, I think she handled Joon Young’s illness with surprising grace and was able to relieve any lingering guilt he had. And the scene where she was able to laugh with Ji Tae in a friendly manner, and her relationship changed with No Jik (last week), she definitely had the most growth. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ending tho--in the sense that she was still so attached to Joon Young, I would have liked to see her a bit more moved on. Does that make sense?

Marakeshsparrow: Yup, you make perfect sense. I agree. For once I would have liked to see a “1 Year Later” sort of thing (usually when dramas skip to a year later it pisses me off, hahaha). But I feel like it ended not long after Joon Young passed away. They were still cleaning out his house and there were still ads up at bus stops with his image. It felt like maybe it had only been a few weeks or a couple months at the most. Definitely not enough time for her to have moved on at all. The only thing that pleased me is that she’s living her life more honestly, going back to calling out injustices rather than taking hush money left and right. But yeah what will become of her beyond that? Will she just pine after Joon Young the rest of her life? I was kind of still holding out hope she might reconnect with Ji Tae. BUT . . . he’s apparently waiting for Whats-her-face? NO LIKE.

Jazmine: Yeah, I wanted a time skip too and I was really thinking we'd get one but I guess not. And speaking of Whats-her-face….how can one character have NO redeeming qualities!!!? When Ji Tae went to see her and told her he’d wait I rolled my eyes so hard. He just needs an entirely new woman in his life cause that girl is the absolute worst!

Aunnie: I felt the same way. I was like “Really? . . /Really?/” Again, why? I mean, there was truly no reason for him to wait other than he’s lazy and settling. Haha. I'm so mean I felt like Ji Tae should have vied for No Eul afterwards as well--sad that that didn't work out. But other than that, I think they also did Joon Young’s death scene well. Just peacefully falling asleep.

Marakeshsparrow: I was wondering how they were going to do his death scene. Was expecting it to be a bit more dramatic and tear-jerky, but I think this left us on just the right note. It’s how he would have wanted it. And I feel like he’d been holding out until everything fell into place. His attempts at bringing No Eul justice had succeeded, the truth was out, and the people who had really committed the crime and covered it up were getting their punishments. Also he made amends with his father and his mother, even his “brother”. And he got to spend his last days with the girl he loved. GAH! I’m making myself sad again. But I think Joon Young was probably as happy as he could be in the circumstances.

Jazmine: *pulls 488th tissue out of kleenex box* his last moments really were peaceful and I'm so so so glad the drama did it that way. I didn’t want to be crying again (even though I did) with a long dramatic farewell scene. It was done just right.

Aunnie: Agreed. I do so so so so wish that the next role all of these actors take on will be a happier one. I also hope that Woo Bin finally gets the girl that time!!!

Marakeshsparrow: God yes. I need a fluffy romantic comedy or something. Please Woo Bin, do a romantic comedy, make us laugh, and for heaven’s sake, get the girl in the end! Hahaha

That it's Drama Clubbers! What did you think of this series finale? Was it what you expected? Did you want more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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