Now that we got your attention with Woo Bin’s abs… Welcome Back Uncontrollably Fond friends! It’s only the second week and SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! Such a tangled web, so many connections, secrets and impending drama! Each episode has more reveals that already have our heads spinning. So if you’re as amped up as we all are, get ready to dive in with us as we discuss the the crazy ups and downs of episodes 3 & 4!

Aunnie: Let's make a bet...which surprise was the most shocking for viewers, Daddy Long Legs guy being the son of Prosecutor Pops OR Joon Young being the cause of No Eul’s totally avoidable car accident?

Jazmine: I'm not sure….I was pretty surprised this week! However, Daddy Long Legs took the cake. Not only is he Prosecutor Pop’s son BUT he's like the CEO of the company Suzy - uh - No Eul works for. He's in like every facet of her life!! It's a bit creepy if you think about it….

Aunnie: Not to mention the fact that he already knows Joon Young is his illegitimate brother . . .

Marakeshsparrow: I’m majorly intrigued by his character. I think he really feels for No Eul--ever since he saw her standing out in the rain demanding the truth be told about her father, he’s been hung up on her. I can’t believe he went to the length of pretending to be poor! No Eul and her brother keep trying to give him things because they think he’s just as bad off as they are! Man. What a tangled web he’s weaved! Though so far it seems like he’s done it all for decent reasons. I guess we'll see if it stays that way . . . (I think I'm skeptical because in Oh My Ghostess he seemed like a nice guy and it turned out to be FAR from the truth).

Marakeshsparrow: HONESTLY what totally bowled me over was that Woo Bin, ehem, Joon Young caused No Eul’s accident. That just made me even more confused about the dynamic of their relationship in the present.「(°ヘ°)

Aunnie: I'm so glad you said that because after these two episodes, I literally have NO IDEA how he could not have recognized her immediately. I've decided that the only….ONLY reason the writers did that was to shoot a car ‘action’ sequence at the behest of Woo Bin so he could drive a fancy car. I mean, they have QUITE the history. Joon Young really pulled on the heartstrings this week with that sick/shower scene. Don't get me wrong, I figured we’d get a shower scene--it's a kdrama--but that wasn't what I was hoping for, ya know?

Jazmine: Oh man, when Joon Young got sick I could not take it. I was feeling so bad for him! I forget what disease he has, but I wish he didn't have to suffer :(

Jazmine: But I do wanna take a moment and say that we did get to see shirtless Woo Bin and for that I am eternally grateful lol. And he was smiling in that scene so that's a plus. I was shocked that Joon Young caused No Eul’s accident and because of such she said her immune system is weak…..which got me thinking….what if she gets sick and something happens to her and Joon Young is fine in the end? In kdrama land that is very possible….what do y'all think??

Marakeshsparrow: OH MY GOD. Jazmine . . . you are an evil Kdrama genius. I hadn’t even thought about that possibility, but now that you’ve brought it up it’s going to be stuck in the back of my mind. I mean, they revealed he was dying SO quickly. It seems like when things are introduced fast like that, something happens to change it somewhere along the way. Dude. I was wondering about No Eul, because she doesn’t really seem well. She’s always kind of pale and sickly and passes out easily like she said . . . And I was thinking this drama was going to be a light romantic comedy! Hahaha //cries inside//

Aunnie: Bwahahaha…*ahem* I mean . . . Bwahahaha! This drama had us fooled but see, I like the angsty dramas so this happens to be right up my alley! I think Kdramas have changed us all into conspiracy theorists because heck, at this point, these two could go out like the Notebook--dyjng in each other’s arms! But yeah, I agree--they didn't drop that immunity tidbit for nothing although, it could be just an innocuous way of getting Joon Young to feel even worse for how her life has turned out.

Jazmine: I was also expecting light-hearted and boy oh boy I was not prepared! Joon Young feels like he is reaping what he sowed. He's going to die so No Eul can live. I think something will happen that will reaffirm him that's it's okay to live and that life happens (or at least I hope so). Also, we kinda found out the reason that Joon Young stopped pursuing being a prosecutor. He found out what his dad did. And Daddy Long Legs knows too. I wonder why they are trying to protect him? I mean, maybe DLL had a reason but Joon Young shouldn't. I'm really just waiting for it to all come crashing down. Especially since Prosecutor Pops is a low-down cheater!!! Who cheats on their sick wife!?

Aunnie: I think it’s instinctual to try and protect one’s parents but protecting him this much is too far. I’m getting whiplash from his dual personality--sickeningly sweet and stank water dirty--it's amazing he is able to keep up appearances.

Marakeshsparrow: So something I wasn’t 100% clear on, or I just missed something . . . Did Joon Young snatch her bag trying to protect Prosecutor Pops? Did she have the incriminating info on her? I must have looked away for a second or something, but I couldn't think of another reason he would snatch his “pretend” girlfriend’s bag like that. I think he’d just always looked up to his dad as this shining image of manhood, someone for him to strive to be (brought on by his mother’s hero worship and the way Prosecutor Pop's was marketed to the public). Then to find out that the person you’d been modeling your own path off of was not the good guy he seems to be? Maybe momentary insanity led him to act like he did. I can see why he dropped his aspirations of being a prosecutor after that.

Jazmine: Yeah, No Eul had the evidence in a USB and she dropped it in her bag. It was literally 2 seconds of the drama - very easy to miss lol. And speaking of the “hero worship”......I was SOOOO frustrated w/ Joon Young’s mom!! Like I understand, she loved him but at what point do you say “I've made it this far. I need to let him go.” Like what the guy said to her after he caught her posting negative things online….what does she expect Prosecutor Pops to say? I know she hid Joon Young from him, but clearly if he's never checked in all those years….he must not care IMO.

Aunnie: Exactly! Honestly, I can't imagine being hung up on someone for over 20 years--so much so that I'd ostracize my own child for not complying with my dreams of snubbing a father that I've never bothered to introduce to my child. I mean, he's NOT going to care after all this time, he’s someone with waaay too much to lose at this point.

Marakeshsparrow: YES YES YES. I am right there with you both--his mom is driving me nuts! I feel like everything she does is motivated by trying to get back (at or with?) Prosecutor Pops. It’s like she’s obsessed! Something that struck me though--she told her friend who runs the restaurant with her (is that what he does? He’s always hanging around) that Joon Young never even wanted to be a celebrity and that he was doing it because his son (Joon Young’s manager, I think) got him in trouble somehow and he had all that money to pay back. That kind of made me look at it differently. So she’s not just bitter about Joon Young having left his original career path, I think it’s also that he’s doing something he didn’t want to do. I think there’s more to the story there. She may not be as bad as we think… I hope not at least, haha.

Aunnie: Actually, that guy who helps run the restaurant is her older brother and he has that twin sister so it looks like it's a family business.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, that's what I thought as well! But I wasn't totally sure. So is Joon Young's manager his cousin? 

Jazmine: Ahhhh, Marakeshsparrow--you have a point there. I was surprised too when she said he became a celebrity to help pay off a debt because I seriously wondering why he chose that career path. It made more sense. I hope she's not as bad as we think she is. I just wish she'd warm up to Joon Young juuust a little bit.

Jazmine: It also makes me feel bad for Joon Young. He quit a career he may have liked cause his dad is not that great of a person and now he's stuck in a career that may not bring him that much joy (doesn't seem like it). And to top it all off he has a terminal illness….and it's causing him to want to act recklessly…...I just can't see this ending well

Aunnie: I'm sitting here trying to find an illness that would explain his symptoms but still not be fatal. I just finished watching Marriage Contract, I need a show where people aren’t actually dying right now.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes please, I was kind of hoping for something not steeped in death . . . But, well //shrugs// such is life. That part at the end when they had started filming and were asking Joon Young about his bucket list though--my heart was just about breaking for him! How hard would it be to sit through that knowing it’s all too real, that you only have 3 months left? And then my heart nearly stopped (this drama can't be good for my health) when he told Suzy --aigoo! --No Eul that they should have a passionate romance for three months. OOOOO!!!!! It’s so dang romantic. I hope she agrees. Hahahaha. More of that please. 

Marakeshsparrow: Wait!--this thought just struck me. Do you think that he acted like he didn’t know who she was at first because he was still too guilty about what happened? She doesn’t know he’s the one who caused her to get into that car accident… Oh boy, I wonder what happens when she does find out?!

Jazmine: Ooooo good theory!! We know she knew who he was….that is certainly interesting. I feel like when she does find out (and oh she will) it's gonna be CRAZY. My heart is not even ready for that to happen yet. I do hope they have a crazy passionate romance though!!

Aunnie: I can't imagine she’d accept in front of everyone in the room but you can see that she's intrigued by his behavior. To be perfectly honest, he has done the same thing every time they get reunited. Every. Time. She can't not know that he truly likes her. But I'm willing to bet that Daddy Long Legs is going to throw a wrench in Joon Young’s bucket list.

So what do you think so far? Was this what you were expecting from Suzy and Kim Woo Bin's newest drama? Are you into the angst or are you hoping for more happily ever after? I know we're a bit torn. Let us know your thoughts below and join us next week for another Uncontrollably Fond Drama Club!

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