Welcome back, Ladies and Gents! If we thought our heartstrings were going to get a break this week, we were sorely mistaken. Although, whose heart gets beat up more is definitely up to debate. Join Marakeshsparrow, Jazmine and I for the twists and unexpected turns this dramatic rollercoaster has us on!


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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Aunnie: So guys, I know who I feel the most bad for out of our list of characters. Normally I'm on the side of the Second Lead--in this case our resident Daddy Long Legs--but for this drama, regrettably, I do think he can’t have No Eul because of who his father and what he’s done. I commend him for staying strong despite the fact that he is very much in love with her.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m definitely already a little heartbroken with Daddy Long Legs’ situation. It’s so obvious he loves No Eul, and the fact that she loves him too--it almost makes me feel like they should be together. Not to mention I really love that actor. I mean I love Woo Bin too, but I don’t know...maybe Im Ju Hwan is a little more like the boy next door--he seems more attainable somehow (though obviously he’s just as unreachable as Woo Bin. A girl can dream though, right?) If Daddy Long Legs could just get past his classic kdrama familial guilt. “I can’t be with you because my father wronged your father” blah blah blah. But really, since Joon Young is dying, I’m kind of hoping she ends up with Ji Tae (DLLs) despite all the drama.

Aunnie: Funny you should say that because I did have this thought before--maybe No Eul could date Joon Young until he died and then end up with Ji Tae. A little barbaric maybe but that's kind of like having the cake and eating it too. 

Jazmine: You know what, I was actually quite upset with Daddy Long Legs this week. I mean, No Eul confesses to him not one but TWICE (granted the second time was in a drunken stupor). I mean, I get it he’s hurt because he can’t have her, but in my mind because he loves her he should at least tell her the truth about everything. No Eul think he has no reason to reject her, but it’s so much deeper than she realizes. I was also a little annoyed with her too - actually I was annoyed with everyone this week (except Prosecutor Pops, surprisingly)

Aunnie: I don’t even know what to say to all of that (although, I can kinda see why you are annoyed with DLL). The only person I was left annoyed with is Joon Young. For someone who doesn’t want to tell people he’s dying, he was totally okay with disappearing for--what, two whole days--without taking anyone's feelings into consideration? And then No Eul finds him and he tells her to go screw herself?!?

Jazmine: Listeeennnnnn, Joon Young made me SO mad. I think he actually does believe it’s too late for him and No Eul so of course he decides to be a jerk about it and tells her to get lost after she spent so much time looking for him. He is going through a lot emotionally, I just wish he would open to her about it. This isn’t something he should bear alone. It’s sad and frustrating to watch.

Aunnie: That’s my thinking as well, but still rude!

Marakeshsparrow: Am I the only one who felt really bad for Joon Young? He keeps trying to let No Eul know he likes her, and she keeps rejecting him! I know I already said I was rooting for No Eul and DLL, but it was really sad (and maybe a wee bit pathetic) watching Joon Young take care of drunken No Eul even after she kept calling out for her ahjusshi. I could tell he was really hurt by that. And since he know’s he’s only got a few months to live, he’s probably not giving much thought to disappearing and worrying all his friends. I definitely sympathize with Joon Young, even though he puts on the rude front.

Aunnie: I can see how it'd be painful for Joon Young but at the same time . . . it's not like he's really doing anything to make it seem like he's sincere. I mean, how about having an honest conversation when they're alone and he acts like a normal person (asking her out to dinner, to the movies, that type of stuff) But let’s take a step back, Jazmine, why were you upset with No Eul?

Jazmine: Okay, so I’m upset with that drunk confession. I know she was drunk but it’s like she doesn’t have willpower anyway. I like No Eul as a character and for some reason that seemed out of character for her. She doesn’t seem like the clingy type. I would have much rather she got drunk and mistakenly confessed to Joon Young thinking he was Daddy Long Legs. I don’t know, I don’t want her to become that helpless damsel trope.

Aunnie: That’s understandable, however, I have to say . . . I loved the drunken confession scene. I can feel you cringe now. Haha, I liked it because she had a point when she said he rejected her twice in front of a lot of people--she has a strong pride (despite taking handouts in her current situation). I didn't really see it as clingy, I saw it as her being heartbroken and the call came from sadness after she rejected Joon Young on stage--which reminds me . . . Wasn't that scene straight out of a Fangirl’s diary??

Marakeshsparrow: That concert confession was honestly a little ridiculous. Seriously, no idol would be able to get away with something like that. (I’m a little bummed we didn’t get to see her rejection--how embarrassing). Also on a side note--his concert felt a little flat. Woo Bin, you’re a great actor, but I don’t know if I buy you as a Kpop idol…

Aunnie: Haha, too true. I thought the same thing, it would not fly the whole standing there and singing thing. I do believe that he could bring a girl up on stage, S.M. did that a few times and allowed Changmin and Kyuhyun to serenade a girl. *sighs* If only . . .

Jazmine: Okay yes, I was like squealing during that scene and when Haru was like “I hope he calls me” I completely understood her feels. HOWEVER, I think that concert confession is what made me the most upset this week. Don’t misunderstand, I totally enjoyed the episodes but I was SO MAD at Joon Young for that. Does he not know his fans? He jeopardized everything for No Eul. She will know no peace now because of his fans! All her information is out there now. He’s a celebrity (which is weird that that pic from high school is suddenly surfacing now), but No Eul is a regular person and now she’s thrown into this world. What happens when the debt collecting thugs come!? There are already reporters. I just think it was sweet, and the intention was nice I guess…..but it just kind seemed a bit selfish to me *shrugs*.

Aunnie: On that, we agree completely. I really had this moment of “Oh my God, if...oh Lord, if Leo (VIXX) ever did that to me…” which was immediately replaced by “What is he doing?!?!?! No, why, why, why, why?” I ended up being horrified by his actions. But I'm not entirely sure that didn't have something to do with the fact that DLL witnessed the whole thing.

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Aunnie, did I tell you the story of when I got to do Hi-Touch with VIXX and Leo was so damn handsome and his eye contact was so intense that I almost blacked out? (A: Almost? I would have just died.) I’m 100% on board with that Leo fantasy. Hahahaha. But yeah, DLL saw it all. But I mean, what’s he going to do? It’s not like that really changes anything, he’s still decided he can’t be with No Eul.

Jazmine: Did he know that DLL was there before he did the confession?? I’m not sure, either way it was insane what he did. Joon Young is trying to rush everything because he feels like he has no time left, and it’s like ugggghhh just be honest (at least to No Eul lol).

Aunnie: In his defense though, he doesn’t think he has time and actually, I had a question about the last scene of episode 5--he did seem like he knew who DLL was because he pointedly asked “Can you expose yourself?” Also, I'm really struggling with how much I hate and love the dad. I mean...he's a horrible prosecutor ….but a wonderful father. I'M SO CONFUSED!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m wondering if he recognized him as the Assemblyman’s son. He knows who his father is and it seems like he and his family are fairly publicized, so it’s not a stretch that he’s seen him around and knows who he is. Which would be interesting because then they both know they’re half brothers and are in love with the same girl…

Jazmine: Oooohhh you raise a good point about episode 5. I thought Joon Young meant that in general like “you’re a regular person, do you want to be exposed like No Eul is being exposed now” but he could have meant it like “I know who you are”....however, I feel like if Joon Young knew DLL’s real identity - it’s not something he would keep from No Eul, just because Joon Young can be spiteful and he knows No Eul probably wouldn’t like him anymore if she found out the truth. Also, same about Prosecutor Pops. He raised his children so well even though Haru gets on my nerves it made me happy that he came to the concert. Like he’s actually a great dad, and I think that the show is maybe trying to play with morality about what it means to be “good” and “bad”. I think what he did was bad, but was he trying to secure himself and thus securing the future of his family? Also, we see why he was with Madame Song. She looks just like Joon Young’s mom!! I was even fooled for split second.

Marakeshsparrow: As an interesting side note, Joon Young’s mother has always been upset that he didn’t become a prosecutor because someone I think she felt that would bring them all closer or something. And here, as a celebrity, Prosecutor Pops is still running into him--it doesn’t matter that he didn’t pursue law. Hopefully his mom will realize that and get over her grudge.

Aunnie: Two very good points. I totally thought it was too! Then she introduced herself and I was like . . .either this actress has a twin or a doppelganger. But back on point, yeah I think the show is doing an amazing job of putting morality into question because let’s be serious, we’re tested on a daily basis on good choices and bad choices and some days the “gray” is a bit darker than others. *Whispers* Insert 50 Shades Joke Here but anyway . . . In a weird way, it made me feel slightly better that he still would have recognized Joon Young’s mom after all this time, I mean at least it wasn’t just a “fling” for him. I would have been interested to see what he would have said if she hadn't corrected him! The wife though, in one fell swoop, she became questionable after that fit she threw. She’s not the gentile, sick, helpless woman we all thought!

Jazmine: I think it’s telling that he still has feelings for Joon Young’s mom, which would explain his current wife’s behavior. I thought his current wife was oh so nice, but turns out she’s got a mean streak in her. I mean, did you see how angry she got when she found out that Prosecutor Pops when to the concert?? My guess is, she’s the one responsible for separating them. I think Joon Young’s mom broke it off with Prosecutor Pops because she was told to do so by his current wife. There’s more to that story, I know it is.

Aunnie: Another valid theory! You are on it with these theories!

Marakeshsparrow: Definitely a good theory, and I know you’re right--there’s more to that story that hasn’t come to light. Back to feeling sorry for Ji Tae (DLL)--it kills me that he’s following in his father’s footsteps. He’s going to marry the woman he’s expected to marry even though he has absolutely no feelings for her, and let the woman he loves go, most likely never really getting over her or being able to forget her. There better be at least one happy ending in this drama, or I’m going to be pissed! If Ji Tae denies himself love and marries the chick who ran down No Eul’s dad, and Joon Young dies, I will be bummed for days. I’m going to try and stay optimistic. 

On this week's turbulent ride, we are definitely seeing more lines being drawn, bets being made and feelings being exposed to the light--although, not always in the most constructive ways. Will Joon Young's newfound resistance towards his true feelings towards No Eul continue? Will Daddy Long Legs be able to continue to hide his feelings or will he eventually give in to the tide? And will we be able to finally find out what Joon Young's mysterious illness is? Hang in there because next week is looking like it'll be a game changer! 


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