Hello Drama Clubbers and welcome back to another heart pounding week of Uncontrollably Fond. We had major tear jerking moments and we see our beloved (and not-so beloved) characters going through some emotional turmoil. Join Aunnie, Markeshsparrow and myself as we discuss this week's episodes! 

Jazmine: Oh where to begin this week….a lot happened, and I feel like we’re on our way to maybe a mini-climax next week. So I’m just going to start at the beginning. No Eul goes to get Joon Young and we have this beginning of “counting to ten” as our title beckons. Gotta say, it was nerve wrecking hearing him count in his head. I was like “would you PLEASE get to ten already!!?” and his behavior really was upsetting me. I mean, I get that he was trying to make No Eul go away or to distance himself, but like I thought he was just plain mean! Didn’t feel right, what do you think?

Aunnie: I’ll admit, I was annoyed with his behavior at first even though I understood what he was doing but once he got to ‘nine and a half of a half of a half”, I thought he was just being cute.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. “Nine and a half and a half and a half and a half…” was KILLING me. I was like, what is all this counting about? Why does he keep rejecting her so coldly? I was just as confused as she was. I mean, I know she kept crying for “Ahjusshi” when she was drunk but why was he so mad? Though I was wondering if when he got to 10 he was just going to jump her or something, hahahaha. So when it turned out that he was trying to distance himself, it did make sense to me, though it was definitely frustrating. But I loved how he turned on a dime after he reached ten and was like a totally different person, all smiles and eager to please. No Eul was so confused! I loved her line “Are you Shin Joon Young’s twin or something?” LOL

Aunnie: He was amazing after ten. I loved the “awkward” scene with him and Daddy Long Legs at her place and he steals that bite of abalone porridge and even though he said it tasted horrible--he ate the whole thing!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ByHA-RwYgkA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Jazmine: Listen, when he got to ten I was literally screaming. I was thinking they were going to kiss right then and there which would have given me major feels of course. Speaking of Daddy Long Legs….he had a very interesting two episodes. First he goes to retrieve No Eul only to be sort of left out in the cold because Joon Young prevents that from happening. Mentioning that moment….I was so angry with No Eul for not believing Joon Young. He was SO sincere. And she had a right to be skeptical, but logically HOW could Joon Young even be a relationship with someone else. There was no sign of it anywhere IMO. I think No Eul wanted it to be true so she convinced herself, but I broke down when Joon Young cried. My heart really went out to him.

Marakeshsparrow: You brought out my favorite part of the week! I honestly totally understand why Joon Young’s CEO lied the way he did, it made sense to create a PR stunt to divert attention away from them with one of his other artists. Even Joon Young eventually said he did the right thing. I am definitely surprised that No Eul believes it so totally though. I think you’re right Jazmine, she probably convinced herself into believing it because she doesn’t know how to deal with Joon Young’s feelings. HIS CONFESSION DOE. It was so sweet and totally sincere. //sighs// I can’t believe she turned and walked away from him after that. Does she really love Daddy Long Legs that much? As much as I like his character, I don’t really feel the chemistry between them. I think it’s because he holds himself back with her, afraid to give in because of his “noble idiocy” (that’s an official kdrama term). She needs to just give in to Joon Young. Especially now that he’s going out of his way to win her over!

Aunnie: So...a couple of things. First, thag confession was definitely the highlight of the week. It took me by surprise and as much as I felt for him and his sincerity, I have to advocate for No Eul this time. He has shown several sides to her but very rarely has he illustrated true sincerity as he did with his confession. He hides behind this a joking/a $$hole facade that it’s hard to tell when he is being honest. Second, I do think No Eul has a practical love for DDL. The kind of love that is born from practicality--of course this will change when she finds out he isnt a nobody like her. She just wants a simple life with simple problems and she thinks DDL can provide that to her.

Jazmine: OMG SAME. I feel there is no real chemistry between No Eul and Daddy Long Legs either. I mean, I think No Eul may have developed a crush because of his kindness towards her and Jik but she doesn’t even know the real him. I do think Joon Young’s attempts to win No Eul over are just adorable. He’s really trying to be sincere. I cringed though when No Eul met Joon Young’s mom. I saw that going so terribly, but I’m surprised that they clicked. However, since they clicked over No Eul “knowing her place” (I hate that term so much), I’m afraid that when No Eul eventually decides to accept Joon Young’s feelings that his mom is gonna be another adversary she has to face. Cause right now she has like 3 targets on her back: Haru (fangirls can get crazy - clearly), Daddy Long Legs’ fiance, and now whomever that actress is that Joon Young is in that fake relationship with because we know she likes him. No Eul about to have a lot come her way and I’d kinda like it if his mom was on her side.

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! No Eul has pissed off every woman in her path--every woman in Korea! But really, she does have a lot of angry scorned ladies to contend with. But I was thinking that No Eul might actually bring Joon Young and his mom a little closer. Since they seemed to click, she was almost a little easier on her son. I mean, she was still mean and terrible, but I felt like No Eul’s presence somehow lowered the tension between them.

Aunnie: Im starting to have no patience for Joon young’s mom. I understand being angry but nothing, I mean nothing, would stop me from having a relationship with my son. She has taken this too far and her behavior is ridiculous. I dont mean to sound harsh but I really am starting to actively dislike her.

Jazmine: That’s true, and I hope that’s the case. Speaking of moms however, we have the sly wife of Prosecutor Pops going through all that trouble with the hospital to make her husband be good to be her. Daddy Long Legs is also now feeling the pressure to stay involved with his family especially now because his mom is “sick”. I can say with confidence now that his mom is quite manipulative. I feel like the storyline with her is going to cause me so much stress because she’s looking into Joon Young and of course that’s going to lead down a very dark path of people she may want to get rid of. I liked her episode 1, but now….she’s up there with characters I like the least. If she could just talk to her husband about everything then that would have been so much easier - but alas this is a kdrama.

Marakeshsparrow: I feel bad for Daddy Long Legs aka Ji Tae. He’s so conflicted. He wants to follow his heart like his younger half-brother, but he’s too bound by familial duty and everything he knows--the burdens he carries. He’s a sad figure, because I feel like he’s destined to marry a woman he doesn’t love and live a life that will never make him truly happy. Just like his father! It’s interesting how Prosecutor Pops still has a thing for his old love, Joon Young’s Eomma, but why hasn’t he ever looked for her? Does he really not know Joon Young is his son? How could he not when I’m pretty sure Ji Tae (DDL) does, doesn’t he?

Aunnie: like we said last week, our Prosecutor Pops is walking a thin line between right and wrong. Technically he isnt doing anything wrong with Madame Song but the desire to be with Young Ok is strong enough that he wants to be in her prescence but not enough to actually find her because THAT would be wrong. I truly dont think he knows who Joon Young is but his son, Ji Tae does for sure!

Jazmine: Hm, you raise very very interesting questions. Maybe Prosecutor Pops didn’t look for her because he knew that he still has feelings for her and that it could complicate things for him because of the position he’s in? He might be tempted to go out and risk it all. However…..because Prosecutor Pops is such a great dad I don’t think he’d be the type to not look for his son…...he knows that Joon Young’s was pregnant or no? I forget. Maybe he didn’t Joon Young out because he doesn’t know he exists.

Marakeshsparrow: I don’t think he knew she was pregnant. And I guess you’re right. I think he’d want to have some relationship with Joon Young if he knew he was his son. He always seems a bit intrigued and amused by him, whether it be as a law student or the pop star his daughter is obsessed with. Also, can we take a minute and discuss how Haru is in love with her half brother? That also makes me question if Ji Tae knows who Joon Young is… wouldn’t he be like, “Sis, no! That’s gross! Find another idol to be obsessed with!” Though I guess he does get angry when she shows him too much attention. Still, the drama kind of glosses over that fact… which I find pretty amusing.

Jazmine: I think Ji Tae knows, because I remember his Secretary guy was like “I think Joon Young is your father’s son” or something like that when they were snooping into him. Haru’s “love” for Joon Young is sort of creepy because we know that she’s related to him. I think that’s why Ji Tae gets so angry when Haru fangirls over Joon Young.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh yeah, you’re right! I’m getting all mixed up because the web of drama is so complicated! I’ve described this drama to several of my friends and it sounds so ridiculous when you say it out loud. Because let’s not forget Joon Young is still dying! He had some more intense illness moments in these episodes. I really don’t know how this is going to end. I’m hoping the drama pulls something crazy though and he miraculously recovers, haha. I’m optimistic for now anyway.


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That's it Drama Clubbers! What do you think of the drama so far? Is it going how you'd expect? What do you think is the future of Joon Young and No Eul's relationship? Do you think No Eul should succumb to Joon Young's charms or should she hold out for Ji Tae? How many people will be out to ruin No Eul by the time all this is done? Let us know in the comments below! 

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