Welcome back, my Uncontrollably Fond Friends! It’s been another week of secrets, revealed truths, complicated family relationships and ill-fated romance. No Eul finally gave in to Joon Young’s persistent attempts to win her heart and it seemed as though things were going well--then all hell broke lose! Join Aunnie, Jazmine, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss this week’s devastating episodes!

Marakeshsparrow: Sigh . . . both of this week’s episodes had me in tears! What is this? We’re only halfway through and it’s already turning into a sob fest! (For some reason this doesn’t bode well.) So the first thing that threw me for a loop was the mega reveal that Ji Tae (Daddy Long Legs) is NOT actually Prosecutor Pop/the Assemblyman's son! And apparently he’s known about this? Also, it seems like everyone and their brother (literally) knows that Joon Young is the Assemblyman’s son, except for him . . . .

Aunnie: Right! I'm starting to wonder how in the heck does this guy not know what is happening in his house! For an assemblyman, he sure is clueless! Either that or he is so lost in his own world of missing Young Ok that he can’t see what's happening around him! I felt awful for Daddy Long Legs though, still holding himself back from the woman he loves even though he isn’t the Assemblyman’s true son . . . Man, I pity his situation.

Jazmine: Listen . . . when Daddy Long Legs said he knew that he wasn’t the Assemblyman’s son I was literally screaming at my laptop. I couldn’t believe it, like how much more drama can we get in this show? And it got me thinking . . . technically, Joon Young & Daddy Long Legs aren’t related. That means, Daddy Long Legs can go after No Eul without the guilt trip of being Assemblyman’s son, but I guess since he lived as his son it still would eat him up inside. Anyhoo, Joon Young also knows who Daddy Long Legs really is . . . do you think he’s going to tell No Eul? A few episodes ago I would have said yes, but now I’m not so sure.

Marakeshsparrow: Hmmm . . . I think Joon Young’s got more on his mind right now, I don’t think he’s going to concern himself with revealing Daddy Long Legs’ true identity. But who knows! So speaking of another shocking (at least to me) father/son moment--I almost lost it when Joon Young confronted the Assemblyman over the money he was offering No Eul. That moment was so loaded and it was even more frustrating that the Assemblyman had no idea why. I couldn’t believe he even said “I’m old enough to be your father”--I think my heart stopped for a moment. But it just really irked me how he was chewing Joon Young out. I know from his POV it did seem really abrupt and rude that this “kid” just appeared out of nowhere and threw his money on the floor, but if he could only remember the reasons behind what was going on, he’d realize both No Eul and Joon Young had every reason to be outraged.

Aunnie: Honestly, I just wish that secret would come out already. I mean, EVERYONE knows but the Assemblyman. That was one scene that made me dislike the Assemblyman again, however, I understand the Korean Hierarchy. But how can you seriously not know that despite his position in the hierarchy an apology was needed on his part?

Jazmine: I’m with you Aunnie, it’s about time that secret gets revealed. If they go ahead and let the Assemblyman know everything then that will open the gateway for the other HUNDREDS of secrets we have to get to. Daddy Long Legs still has to be revealed to No Eul, Joon Young hasn’t told anyone about his sickness nor has he come clean about the car accident that he got No Eul into, and Daddy Long Legs’ fiance hasn’t come clean about the hit and run. Like, there is so much left to cover and I’d rather everything start getting revealed now instead of all at once and my poor heart can’t take it. Briefly mentioning the fiance girl, how RUDE was she at the dinner table with her dad? She has no remorse at all. I was baffled really. She needs to get some sort of punishment for that . . . .

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. First off--that chick needs to fly to coop. If I disliked her before, after that scene, I really can’t handle her. How could she have said so casually, “Oh, it's good he’s dead”? Why, because if he was in a coma he’d be a financial burden to his family? SHUT UP and go back to drinking your wine. Which is exactly what she did. //tries to cool off// Anyway--Jazmine, I knew there were a lot of secrets, but when you line them all up like that it’s kind of ridiculous! Why is everyone hiding everything from everybody? Hahaha. Someone better start blabbing soon.

Aunnie: Haha i was going to say the same thing--when you say it like that, damn, we have a long waays to go! That dinner between Ms. Priss and Daddy No Good (can you tell I like nicknames?), I sincerely hope Daddy Long Legs doesn't marry her. She is vile! The kiss those two shared, at first I was like ”damn” but after the dinner scene, I just felt--you know, every time I think I cant feel more awful for DDL, something happens and I feel worse. However, I felt super proud of Young Joon telling his mother off about the rewards like he did. She needed to be told how terrible she’s being to him.

Jazmine: Honestly . . . I stopped feeling sorry for DLL like 2 episodes ago. There is a limit of self-pity I can take and his has exceeded it. Don’t get me wrong, his situation sucks . . . but at some point with his mindset I would think he would take control of it. His obligation to marry Ms. Priss--okay, family duty. But everything else he’s holding on only burdens himself and the people he cares about. He has the power to change his situation, but he’s too afraid to do so. As far as Joon Young finally telling his mom everything on his heart I was so here for that. I was cheering him on. She needed to know. Though I was really upset that she was there and was too prideful to tell him. Joon Young’s mom is just too caught up in what her son did instead of what he’s doing now. To be honest, the moms of this show are kinda terrible . . . .

Aunnie: “Kinda”? Haha . . . .

Marakeshsparrow: I was just about to say . . . the moms in this are killing me. I really don’t understand Joon Young’s mom. So she wanted him to be a prosecutor and he didn’t do that. Instead he’s a crazy rich celebrity with tons of fans and is winning awards and still running in the same circles as his Prosecutor Pops/Assemblyman--what more does she want from him? If she’d wanted him to be able to stand in front of his real father and make him proud, I think he’s accomplished that (well until he “offended” him and all). And now he’s even given his mom the opportunity to stand proudly with him and meet her lost love again. So . . . what exactly is the problem? Is it actually that she’s just chicken? Afraid to see the Assemblyman again? I don’t know. I was so bummed that she acted like she wasn’t coming. Why does she have to be like that with her only son? #Frustration

Aunnie: Agreed! I sat and ranted to my husband--who of course, had no real interest in what I was talking about--that suuure, I want my kid to grow up and become a super famous Kpop star and to dance his way up the Billboard’s list of international sensations but if he became a mechanic instead, well . . . free oil changes. There truly is nothing that would make me turn my back on him, at least nothing short of Jeffrey Dahmer behavior. Her attitude has just been appalling and even though I was glad that she came when Young Joon called for help, I still couldn't believe he turned to her for help!!

Jazmine: I was also very surprised that Joon Young called her, and that she even came. I was also a crying mess during that scene. It was hard to separate Joon Young and Kim Woo Bin at that moment. I was like “Don’t cry Woo Biiiiin." Though taking a quick step back . . . DDL’s mom is literally the worst. And for the record I wanna say that I called it! She had something to do with Joon Young’s mom and Prosecutor Pops no longer talking. She got his older brother to intervene. She claimed she “loved” him first . . . I was so done. She’s a conniving person and does not deserve the nice family that she has. However the fact that she’s getting harassed by Prosecutor Pops’ older brother is quite interesting and I’m interested to see how that develops.

Aunnie: Is he really the uncle? I didn't catch that part.

Jazmine: When she was talking to him she said “Brother-in-law” so I’m assuming that he’s the uncle. And I’m assuming older because of the term she said in Korean.

Aunnie: Must have totally missed or forgot that part with the ensuing rage and disbelief of the reveal afterwards. My bad.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeaaaaah . . . Some uncle though. But I guess he doesn’t care that he’s blackmailing a sister-in-law like her. Her manipulations are totally gross. What makes her character so much worse to me is that she doesn’t seem like a nasty person on the outside, and honestly, I don’t think she completely is. But she’s so wrapped up in herself (that actually reminds me of another mother . . . .) that she doesn’t really care what she does or how she manipulates people to ensure her own happiness. What is it about Prosecutor Pops that makes all the women go cray and devote their lives to him in weird ways? (Aunnie: Its the eyebrows) Hahaha. I mean, he’s kind of a nice guy. I guess . . . .

Aunnie: Yeah, like we talked about before, I think the underlying message is that good people do bad things too, although not always to these extremes. I’m really proud of No Eul for keeping her mouth shut during the interview rather than getting angry--as she’s prone to--and mouthing off to the cops. It truly is only a matter of time before one of the boys supplies her with a good lawyer, and that scene with her dad? *tears* The scene with her brother and the girl on the swing! There were a handful of good scenes--not everything was misery inducing--this show does a good job attempting to balance out the tears and laughter.

Jazmine: The scene with No Eul and her dad really brought me to tears. I’m such a daddy’s girl and I can’t imagine having to deal with everything she’s going through right now and all around the anniversary of her dad’s death. It was heart wrenching. I’m kinda of scared for No Eul in the police station, but I think she’s going to get out without causing too much harm. The scene with Jik and Haru was really cute. I think there’s supposed to be a budding romance there . . . but I would rather it not be. I like the playful banter and don’t want it to go past that (just my opinion).

Marakeshsparrow: So we haven’t talked too much about No Eul and Joon Young and their new romance. No Eul finally caved! And now all this! The last part of episode 10 had me in knots! No Eul arrested for attempted murder (THANKS Ji Tae’s Eomma) and Joon Young is locked up in his house like Rapunzel, except he’s dying from a brain tumor. My goodness. Everyone is in such dire straights! I mean, I know No Eul is going to get out of prison, but that doesn’t change the fact that Joon Young doesn’t have much time left. Even if they are able to run away they won’t have much time together. And then No Eul will lose another person she loves. WAH! //weeps//

Jazmine: Oh yeah, No Eul did cave. In all the drama that kind of slipped my mind. I’m happy she decided to give Joon Young chance. If only they were able to escape like they were planning to do . . . . *tears*.

Marakeshsparrow: I still want to hope for a happy ending, but I'm not holding my breath. 

So what did you think of this week's episodes? Were you as distraught as we were by everything going on? What were your thoughts about the parents this week? Do you blame No Eul for attempting to hit the Assemblyman with her van? How do you think she'll get out of prison? And what do you think will happen to her new romance with Joon Young when she does? Are they fated to have a tragic end, or are you holding out hope? Let us know in the comments below and join us again next week for another drama club!

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