It was a little more than two years ago that fans celebrated the marriage of choreographer Bae Yoon Jung and actor Jerome To, but today an unexpected announcement was released by sources close to Jung revealing that the seemingly happy couple has decided to go their separate ways.

Bae Yoon Jung, who is known for her sexy and feminine choreography style and is recognized as one of the industry's top veterans, has recently filed for divorce from her husband Jerome To. 

The couple first met at a Brown Eyed Girls' concert (Bae Yoon Jung choreographed their dance Abracadabra) and subsequently got married on October 10th, 2014.

In March, the couple was featured on tvN's Taxi, after which they received a lot of attention for how sweet their married life appeared, which makes today's announcement of the upcoming divorce all the more shocking to many fans and other spectators alike. 

For those who are wondering why such a seemingly wonderful marriage is ending...we may never know. Bae Yoon Jung's representative did not go into the reasons behind the divorce filing and only stated: "She recently filed for divorce with Jerome. It's difficult for us to share details as it is her private matters."

We are sad to see another couple go their separate ways, but hope that both Bae Yoon Jung and Jerome To will be able to find happiness in the near future. 


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