Yao Chen and Wu Xiubo certainly leading the whole Divorce Lawyer. The chemistry from both is amazing. The plot is intriguing and their lines are insightful as well as funny. However besides the two lead, there are a lot of Top Chinese stars playing the supporting roles in this drama.

1. Alex Fong

He is so called Richard Gere of Hong Kong. As a very reputable actor in China, he played as Luo Li's ex-boyfriend, who happens to be rich, considerate but married. His character is quite charming, always helping Luo Li (Yao Chen) to solve the problems, taking care of her,  kept pursuing her. Well, too much information. Do you want to know who Luo Li will end up with? Keep watching Divorce Lawyer then.

2. Li Chen

He was in Chinese version of Running Man, probably the toughest in the team. He was in Empress Wu as the Queen's (Fan Binbing) first love. He is now the top tier actors in China and he only showed in one episode of Divorce Lawyer.

3. Zhai Tianlin

He was the evil king from The Prince of Lan Ling. He won the best new actor from Sohu TV Award in 2012. He played an relatively controversy role in Divorce Lawyer. Wait and see!

4. Yu Yong Ling

She actually graduated from Tsinghua University as the top school in China , majored in Psychology. Playing as varies roles in a lot of popular Chinese TV shows, such as Du Lala's story of promotion. She is also the model for Vogue China. In this drama, she played as a third person in one of Chi's divorce cases. You will see how the case ends the next week.

Now you will understand how this show got over billions of views online and won the greatest rating in China now. Don't miss this great dramas. Watch Divorce Lawyer on DramaFever for FREE.