You know you do it! You sit there watching your Kdramas and covet the things you see in this magical land called Korea. So if you could choose five things to bring back to your own country what would they be? Here are mine.

1. Korean Clothes

So many times I have sat there and thought, “So pretty! Where did she get her clothes?” only to remember that she probably bought them in a mall too far away for me to shop at. I’m pretty sure my wardrobe has undergone a slight change since the beginning of my Kdrama obsession. Once I even walked into a clothing store with a friend and was like, “Wow I love everything here!” only to realize that the shop owner was Korean. Then it all made sense.

2. Kpop Concerts

Why oh why do our idols neglect us? Sure they come to NYC and LA in the U.S. now and then, but if only they did tours in every city in every country, then our lives would be complete! Come on idols, I promise if you come I will only stalk you a little. Better yet, let me show you around!

3. Korean Electronics

My desire for Korean electronics probably stems from all the product placement in Kdramas, but I just can’t help but be affected by them. How many of you have bought a Korean cell phone that you saw your favorite celebrity sporting? Usually they are available in the U.S., but sometimes it takes longer to get them or they are a little different. Not fair!

4. Korean Food

You know those dramas make you hungry. Imagine walking into a grocery store full of all the Korean ramen, Korean ice cream, and Korean snacks (sometimes weird, but at least interesting) that you ever wanted to try!

Not to mention those little tent restaurants, pojangmacha, on the side of the road that everyone in Kdramas always eats in. Yeah, I want to try that!

5. Korean Men

Not to hate on American men, (I’ve never been one to discriminate against hotness in any form) but you can’t deny the sexy that is happening on that side of the world. Can we please just get a bigger helping of chocolate abs over here? Please?!?!

If you could choose 5 things from Korea to import to your country, what would they be? Comment below!