Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency accepted Baek Ji Young’s request to investigate netizens who left malicious comments about her miscarriage. Seoul Suseo Police Department revealed that a number of netizens were arrested on November 5th as a result.

Many rumors and evil comments follow Baek Ji Young, however, she is typically strong and professional as a singer. After overcoming her video scandal, she made a comeback successfully, and settled down with her husband, Korean actor Jung Suk Won. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage during her fourth month of pregnancy last June. Most people expressed condolences about her loss, but some netizens spread nasty rumors and malicious comments concerning the unfortunate miscarriage.

Netizens left malicious comments like, "If you feel sorry for your baby, kill yourself," "Didn’t she have a miscarriage on purpose?", and "I knew she would have a miscarriage because she is a heavy smoker." One of the netizens posted a composite photograph of her miscarriage and baby.

They left these comments on DC Inside, Ilbe Storehouse (a humor website), and other websites. Some members have gained a reputation for anti-communist and far-right politics. This website is also known for degradation of women in the region and former president Roh Moo Hyun. After Baek Ji Young sued these netizens, one of them showed off the complaint on the website DC Inside:

Baek Ji Young kept bearing the nasty rumors and bad comments because she is a celebrity and was trying to respect other people’s opinions and expression. However, as a woman and human, she couldn’t forgive these netizens. She finally revealed her feelings and shed tears on the variety show SBS Healing Camp, Isn’t it Joyful on October 7th:

"I was originally insensitive to the abusive comments. But, I really wanted to curse the comments after the miscarriage. It really crossed the line. I was calming myself down, and an acquaintance of mine said that there was a report that said Baek Ji Young's new song got released. I looked up, and it said 'Baek Ji Young new song 'Great Expectation' (pronounced the same in Korean as "great miscarriage") featuring Jung Suk Won'. I became angry, and then I suddenly became sad. I even thought about why they would be thinking like that, and that I would like to see their faces"

Four people were booked and indicted without physical detention for leaving malicious comments on the Internet for over a month starting back in May. They were young people aged between 17 and 27. These netizens confessed that the reason they left the comments was just for fun. One netizen was in the middle of his military service, and the others were ordinary students and a salary man.

Korean netizens support Beak Ji Young’s tough stance on this issue. Many have loudly voiced their concerns regarding these kind of issues. It seemed that the netizens didn’t feel guilty while making evil comments. Now they are making an appeal for amicable management. The police department is planning to strictly handle any malicious circulators online who try to damage an individual. This legal action is intended to set up an example to prevent further outbreaks of such events.