It's lunchtime again, and today we're still thinking about the out-of-this-world deliciousness of Taiwanese food. Especially the street food in night markets, where you would really be able to experience what the locals eat. Known as xiao-Chi, Taiwanese cuisine developed from its rich history of different cultures that came together. Check out some of these delicacies: 1. Pig Blood Cake Taiwanese_pig_blood_cake A "blood pudding" variety that is often served with peanut seasoning and other herbs, this delicious snack is found everywhere in Taiwan. 2. Chicken Hearts ChickenHeartSkewers Chicken heart on skewers! Available in the states now as well, this delicacy has a sort of chewy texture. 3. Oyster Omelette Taiwanese_oyster_omelette Yum! Gooey small oysters with egg is a popular item with even tourists. 4. Iron Eggs IronEggs Iron eggs are eggs stewed repeatedly in a mix of soy sauce and spices then air-dried, resulting in the dark color. It's chewy and very flavorful. 5. Large sausage wrapped around a small sausage Sausagewrappedaroundsmallsausage It's kind of like a Taiwanese hot dog, this is a Taiwanese sausage wrapped in a larger "sticky rice sausage" and often chargrilled. This snack is fatty and usually comes with a variety of condiments like garlic or wasabi! What do you think? Which ones would you like to try out? (source:,