We've got summer on our minds. But first, let's share some of the unique but definitely not for everyone flavors of ice cream from the East! 1. Fish Ice Cream—This is actually one of the tamer ones. Pretty common in Japan, I haven't tried it yet but the seafood and ice cream combo seems to be rather popular! FishIceCream 2. Viagra Ice Cream—Okay, so this isn't really made of Viagra Pills supposedly. Natural herbs and coloring makes this Japanese ice cream look like viagra pills. viagraIceCream ViagraIceCreamJapan 3. Octopus Ice Cream—Another seafood combo! I wonder how this tastes. Have you ever tried it? octopusicecream 4. Charcoal Ice Cream—This one has been really confused. But I imagine it to be just regular ice cream with a matte grey color? charcoalicecream 5. Curry Carrot Ice Cream—here's the recipe.  I would totally try this one. CurryCarrotIcecream 6. Squid Ink Ice Cream—I'm thinking this is the same as the charcoal one, where it's just regular ice cream but with a strange coloring. squidinkIcecream 7. Ox Tongue Ice Cream—I can't even imagine. Gyu-tan (ox tongue) os absolutely delicious but...with ice cream? oxtongueicecream 8. Crab Ice Cream—Not sure, but doesn't sound too bad. A speciality from Hokkaido, Japan. Crabicecream 9. Wasabi Ice Cream—This would be interesting. And spicy! wasabi ice cream 10. Chili Peper Ice Cream—I would totally try this! I like chocolate with some spice to it so this could very well get me super addicted :) Chilipeppericecream 11. Kimchi Ice Cream—Since Kimchi is apparently good for you, this can't be too bad, right? It really does sound strangely good... kimchiicecream Which ones would you try out? (sources: who-sucks.com, chuwyhuwy.blogspot.com, www.foodnetworkhumor.com)