Has Hollywood finally discovered the power and influence of K-dramas? Universal Studios is making a huge investment in Moon Lovers, also reported as Lovers of the Moon, to be directed by the director of It's Okay, That's Love. The new Korean drama will be a remake of the extremely popular Chinese historical fusion Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin). Find out more.

Chinese historical fusion drama Scarlet Heart, aka Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling by Each Step), was released in 2011, and it starred Liu ShiShi (Cecilia Liu) and Nicky Wu, who fell in love on screen and have married in real life. 

The adaptation of online writer Tong Hua's groundbreaking time travel romance, published in 2005 with a very creative story that wove a modern 21st-century girl into Qing Dynastry's royal intrigue hundreds of years ago, started a huge time travel wave between Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean dramas. (You can see a similar story in the drama Palace on DramaFever.) 

If you watch Scarlet Heart for the first time today and feel that you've glimpsed similar plots or characters in some of the other time-travel dramas, it's because Scarlet Heart actually came first. Scarlet Heart is so popular that it already has a sequel as well as a movie version.

Fans will be anxious to see the new Korean drama. It will be interesting to see how the story that occurred in the Qing Dynasty, inspired by actual historical events involving fierce struggles between Emperor Kangxi's many sons in their battles to succeed him, will be adapted for Korea's Joseon kingdom, which has plenty of royal intrigue of its own.

The new Korean drama's production will be in the excellent hands of director Kim Kyu Tae, who directed such famous dramas as That Winter, the Wind BlowsIRIS, and It's Okay, That's Love. Filming reportedly may begin by the end of the year with an estimated budget of 15 billion won, or almost 13 million US dollars.

By the way, Bu Bu Jing Xin was author Tong Hua's debut novel. She has since published many more works. Ballad of the Desert was adapted into the 35-episode drama Sound of The Desert, starring Liu Shishi (Cecilia Liu), Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge. She also wrote the screenplay for Perfect Couple, starring Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang. Both of these fantastic dramas can be enjoyed on DramaFever. Check out Sound of the Desert below:

Do you want to watch Moon Lovers? Which Korean stars do you think should play the leads?

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