Would you like to study in a Joseon Era classroom, stay in the U.S,. and not have to take a time machine back about 700 years to do so?

On November 15, the University of Pittsburgh opened up their Korean Heritage Room, modeled off of the Hall of Enlightenment, the main lecture hall of Sungkyunkwan (Korea’s “royal academy”). Located on the third floor of the university’s Cathedral of Learning, the new classroom is one of the school's 30 Nationality and Heritage rooms.

All the materials in the building were sourced and made in South Korea with the pieces crafted only by artisans specializing in traditional Korean architecture. Then in spring, it was shipped to Pittsburgh.

Like the original building it is modeled after, there are three connected rooms and two beautiful oak columns symbolizing boundary.

The windows are covered in special paper made out of mulberry tree fibers, while the desks are made out of hard oak.

There is a pair of wooden phoenixes located on the ceiling of the central room shown forming the pearl of wisdom.

It took more than eight years to build the classroom, and over $850,000 in donations to be built.

Would you want to attend class in a Joseon-style classroom?

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