Food has never looked this good. A stay-at-home mom in Malaysia's incredible and edible food art creations started out as something nice for her kids, but have turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Check out these photos of her masterpieces that are based on famous TV shows, movies, and even celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elvis.

With no formal art training, Samantha Lee uses typical food items like rice, bread, vegetables and fruit to create intricate and elaborate pop culture-themed food art. Her food creations have earned her over 326,000 followers on Instagram and she has been featured in major publications including the Huffington Post.

Incredible Fred Flintstone, although we're not sure if he'd like broccoli.

Lady Gaga, this looks more normal than the singer usually does.

Scary, delicious and adorable all at the same time!

Hilarious Elvis with a face made of rice!

This looks too incredible to eat!

Snoopy cooking a bonfire. Wow! How does she do it?