What’s your favorite Korean sitcom? Mine is Unstoppable High Kick (2006), which was so successful that it lasted two more seasons--High Kick Through The Roof (2009) and High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011)--which is rare for a Korean TV show. Unstoppable High Kick is also where Jung Il Woo, Kim Bum, and Na Hye Mi--who married Eric Moon on July 1--got their names out to the K-dramaland. On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Park Hae Mi, Jung Joon Ha and Seo Min Jung of the hit sitcom reunited after 10 years, caught up on life, and shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Unstoppable High Kick on the talk show Radio Star.

Actress Seo Min Jung, who now lives in New York City, says she visits Korea ever summer with her 10-year-old daughter.

“(In the United States) my only fun was watching Korean variety shows. Whenever an Unstoppable High Kick cast member showed up, I hoped they’d talk about the sitcom,” Seo said. “But when we were talking just now in the waiting room, (Jung Joon Ha and Park Hye Mi) said they don’t remember much from the High Kick days. Because it was my last drama, I remember everything about it.”

In the sitcom, Seo dates a fellow teacher Choi Min Yong while Jung Il Woo, his niece and her student, has a crush on her. Though Seo ended up with Choi in the drama, she says PD Kim Byung Wook was actually a fan of Seo and Jung’s love line!

"(In the drama) a student and teacher couldn't have a kiss scene ... (PD Kim) wanted to recreate (my and Jung’s) romance in a film adaptation of the sitcom.”

“The movie was in the talks, but it didn't happen because Min Jung got married,” Jung Joon Ha chimed in. “We were so looking forward to it!”

Seo added, "Even to this day, PD Kim jokes to me, 'You stymied my film directorial debut.'"

Seo left Korea upon marrying a Korean American husband right after the sitcom finale. “I met my husband right before the drama finale. We dated for a year before marrying. He says he stopped watching Unstoppable High Kick after seeing me kiss Choi Min Yong."

Park Hae Mi also commented, "My husband was jealous of Jung Joon Ha [Park’s on-screen husband]. I don't know why he envied Jung Joon Ha."

Park said on her light brown hair, “I’m white haired. It’s all white. I dye my hair to cover up the whites.”

The three cast members picked their favorite episodes from the drama and thanked the fans for their steadfast love.

Check out the High Kick series below:

1. Unstoppable High Kick

2. High Kick Through The Roof

3. High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged

What’s your favorite scene from the High Kick series or other Korean sitcoms? Tell us below!


Unstoppable High Kick

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