spring_scream_2013_up_against_the_wall_06 "Spring Scream" a large music festival held in Kenting, Taiwan just finished its 19th year of running. Held at the southern tip of Taiwan, the Spring Scream festival features a surprisingly international group of artist every year. Up Against the Wall Photography collaborated with RedBull and produced a series of photographs highlighing the artists. spring_scream_2013_up_against_the_wall_09 spring_scream_2013_up_against_the_wall_10 spring_scream_2013_up_against_the_wall_13 Here's a little sampling of some of the music performances! Miss Mirror Misi x The Doll ENNO Have you ever been to a music festival in Asia? How did you like it? (source: www.facebook.com. www.upinthewall.asia)