To some of us, Joo Sang Wook is our newest Hallyu leading man from the popular Birth Of A Beauty, but he's been working as an actor for 15 years. Here's a brand new interview, completely subbed in English, for you to get to know this hot male lead up close and personal. Also, find out his future plans, including who he will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays with.

Joo Sang Wook started acting when he was 21, but he said it was only after he completed his military service around the age of 30 that he became noticed by the audience. Joo said the drama that was most influential to him and his career was 2010's Giant, a period drama tinged with strong emotional tension and revenge. It was so popular that it ran for 60 episodes and took 9 months of shooting. Joo played a "bad guy" who sought after his targets using any means possible. His outstanding performance was praised by the viewers. Giant's director is also the director for Joo's current hot drama, Birth Of A Beauty.

Watch Joo Sang Wook team up with Han Ye Seul in Birth of a Beauty:

When the interviewer reminded him that he won the "Best New Star" award through Giant while he was the "Oldest New Star," Joo made her laugh by saying, "I'm still very young!" He then said that he's not embarrassed to be older than other newbies, but he didn't think he could reach the level of Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. Then what about the Four New Kings, the interviewer wondered, referring to the group of hot young male stars including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Jong Suk. He insisted that he couldn't reach Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun's level, but maybe he could reach #3?  Ah, that's a great attitude. He is ambitious and optimistic without sounding like he's boastful. 

What about his future? Joo has played the CEO type in many shows and has even been nicked named "The CEO King." Joo admitted it's boring and uninteresting to play the same role 4 or 5 times. Thanks to Sly And Single Again and Birth Of A Beauty, he's already turning away from the traditional CEO type, and he definitely wants something different for his next project. He felt he could play a king or emperor in a historical drama because his performance in Queen Seon Duk was well praised, and he enjoyed the unusual activities such as horseback-riding.

Whatever his next project is, Joo Sang Wook said he liked the idea that "Actors with the most projects are the best." He believed the more he acts, the more experience he'll gain, and it's like "However much you put in is the amount you get out." The interviewer knew he has received offers from China and told him his handsome looks matched well with the Chinese standard for aesthetics. Joo emphasized that he can play diverse roles and said with a comedic flair that, "I can also show off my abs, which you haven't seen before."  

When asked about Christmas and New Year's Eve, he said he'd be spending it with Han Ye Seul because they'll be working well into the night on Birth Of A Beauty to catch up with the broadcast schedule. January 11 will be the show's finale. After that, he plans to rest and then travel to an as-yet-undecided location. He'll recharge and be ready for the next project.

It's a great life lesson to learn that Joo Sang Wook fought for 15 years to keep acting. Clearly his self-confidence and optimism have been the primal force to keep him looking forward and working hard at honing his craft. I'd love to see him again after Birth Of A Beauty, And, of course, I sure wouldn't mind seeing him show off his abs anytime!

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