Imagine spending a lot of money for your wedding, but now you are also responsible for 17 motorcycles burned in a firecracker bonfire. This is exactly what happened to a new groom in Taiwan.

By custom, the groom rode in a wedding procession to welcome the bride on their happy day. His cousin threw firecrackers out of the car window along the way. The sound and smell of firecrackers are usually considered lucky for such a festive occasion. Unfortunately one firecracker landed near a row of motorcycles parked near a building. One bike caught on fire, and soon the whole row of 17 bikes went up in flame within minutes. The blaze flared as high as six stories. Residents tried to douse the fire but it was useless. All the motorcycles were destroyed.

A gang attack was suspected at first, but the police checked the surveillance video and found the culprit. The exact sequence was caught on tape and the police tracked down the wedding party. The damage is estimated at around 20,000 in US dollars. One bike owner on the video said he had just bought his motorcycle.