The production crew of upcoming drama Maids, starring Oh Ji Ho and Jung Yoo Mi, claim that the show will create a whole new kind of genre, a "trendy historical" genre, because of its splendid, colorful images, large scale set, and emphasis on women's everyday lives. The beautiful stills prove that their claim is probably true. 

Maids will be JTBC's third historical drama, and they claim the production will be large and ambitious.


Set in the Joseon Dynasty, three women learn what love means as they try to navigate through the class system and survive. In Yup is a beautiful noblewoman who becomes a servant overnight when her father is framed and labeled a traitor. She ends up falling in love with a fellow servant, Moo Myung, while working for the royal family, and she becomes friends with her own handmaiden Sa Wol thanks to their shared experiences. Meanwhile, Ga Hee is the most famous geisha of the city with her own aspirations for romance. She falls in love with Moo Myung, but what can she do when his heart lies elsewhere?


What happens when a woman who can’t lie becomes a news reporter? Find out in Park Shin Hye’s new series Pinocchio:

The story sounds so interesting and the cast is all so stunning that I can't wait for this new historical drama to come out! Maids will premiere on December 12.