The Blood Drama Club has been asking for a real kiss scene, and the writers must have heard your pleas because new preview stills show a kiss in the works! Just to make sure they got it right, Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun reportedly filmed the scene for three hours.

According to reports from KBS, the two lead actors set the stage for the kiss scene by joking around and trying to lighten the mood. The crew members also joined in the levity, teasing the two and saying, "“We don’t know when this is going to air, so do a good job." After that, it was all business as they made sure to perfect the moment.

Because this is a highly anticipated kiss, the scene took a full three hours to get right, with the actors carefully listening to the director's notes and then re-filming the scene from multiple angles to allow for various camera techniques.

Was the three-hour shoot worth the effort? Is it everything you hoped for and more? You can find out when episode 16 airs on DramaFever later today! In the meantime, get ready for the big kiss by watching episode 15 now: