Punch has been confirmed as the next Monday-Tuesday drama from SBS following the conclusion of historical drama Secret Door. The series is in the process of casting the male lead, and Kim Rae Won is currently in talks for the role.

This announcement comes after some serious back-and-forth drama behind the scenes. For a while, SBS was considering giving Punch's time slot to the drama Mask (Golden Thumb Pictures), but they finally settled on their initial choice, perhaps because of their positive history with HB Entertianment, which also produced My Love from Another Star.  The writer for the series is Park Kyung Soo (The Chaser, The Golden Empire), and the producer is Lee Myung Woo (Fashion King, co-producer for You Are All Surrounded).

Punch will tell the story of Prosecutor Park Jung Hwan, who is the investigation manager of anti-corruption. He discovers that he has a terminal illness and only six months to live. One of the obstacles in giving Punch a time slot was the difficulty in finding a male lead to take the role of Park Jung Hwan. Actors were hesitant to accept the role because they only had one full episode script available, which means that the filming schedule will likely be chaotic as the scripts come in during the live shoot. Mask, on the other hand, had eight episodes ready to go.

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If Kim Rae Won chooses to accept the role (which sounds pretty intriguing, I must admit), it would be his first series since A Thousand Days' Promise in 2011, though he also has his movie Gangnam 1970 with Lee Min Ho set for release in January. Although the lead for the series hasn't been cast, some of the other big roles do have actors confirmed. Jo Jae Hyun will play Lee Tae Joon, an ambitious and scheming attorney general.  Choi Myung Gil will play his counterpoint as Yoon Ji Sook, a minister of justice with a strong sense of integrity. 

So what do you think of this news? Based on the plot synopsis and the series writer, this doesn't exactly sound like a prance through the daisies for Kim Rae Won. Considering that the trailers and stills from Gangnam 1970 mostly include his face covered in grime and blood, it would be nice to see him in a happy role for a change, but we'll take what we can get, I suppose! It's also interesting to note that since this series follows Secret Door, it would be the second series in a row where we go into the show knowing that the lead actor's death is looming. Share your thoughts about the series and the cast below.

Punch premieres December 15.