Rainbow Sweetheart  彩虹甜心Rainbow Sweetheart is an upcoming drama which is the Taiwanese remake of uber-popular Korean drama My Girl. It has cast Jimmy Lin and Cherie Yang as the main leads. Jimmy Lin is a singer, actor, professional race car driver, and all-around Renaissance man. His most famous drama is 2006's My Lucky Star (in which he played a race car driver) which has become something of a classic. This will be model and actress Cherrie Ying's first idol drama, as she's best known for increasingly high-profile roles in films over the past few years.

Rainbow Sweetheart has, oddly enough, stirred up controversy for featuring leads who are both married (and not to each other, in case you were wondering). Producer Angie Chai had to defend her choice of Lin and Yang, saying that she wants to promote married actors in dramas (there's a recurring trend in Taiwanese and Asian entertainment in general in which actors receive incredible pressure from fans to stay single, and after they get married their popularity drops).

Now, the funny thing about casting Jimmy Lin as the lead in this one...is that My Lucky Star was widely compared to My Girl when it first aired. The stories aren't incredibly similar when it comes down to it, but both feature wealthy heirs who fall for poor con-artists, and there's a similar twist partway through. So in a way, it's a nod to that drama that he got cast, having already shown that he can play the demanding-but-charming rich boy type. When I heard that he had been cast, I was amused because all I could think is "romancing another con-artist, hmm Jimmy Lin?" He's not the greatest actor ever - he's more known as an all-around celebrity than an actor - but he was quite good in My Lucky Star, he's got a kind of steady screen presence and easy, boyish charm that is very compelling. And he's certainly good-looking enough to pull off the suits it looks like he'll be wearing. I haven't seen Cherrie Ying in anything and I vacillate between thinking she's very cute and that's she's hopelessly over-mugging in the trailer below. I'm banking on their chemistry however.

Rainbow Sweetheart couple 彩虹甜心

On a side note, what's up with Taiwanese drama titles recently? Material Queen, Rainbow Sweetheart, Sunshine Angel...?

Check out the trailer below.