Sunshine DaySunshine Day is an upcoming Twdrama starring Mike He. Also known as Sunny Happiness or Happiness is Like a Sunny Day, it's the second in a trilogy of "happiness" themed dramas produced in collaboration between the Mainland (China) and Taiwan (the first being Happy and Love Forever starring Ming Dao). Janine Chang, best known as the reserved, beautiful forensic specialist in hit drama Black and White, co-stars.

In the story, Mike plays the arrogant president of a large company and owner of an expensive hotel. Janine Chang plays a maid at the hotel. When Mike's character discovers one day that he has a son from his first marriage whom his ex-wife has kept hidden from him, he'll do anything to be part of the child's life. He convinces Janine's character to enter into a fake contract marriage with him so that he can gain custody of his son. As he struggles to get to know his son, now eight years old, Janine's character supports him. But can the prickly, divorced CEO and the stubborn, plucky housekeeper become more than pretend spouses? Li Yi Feng is Mike's rival for Janine's affections, while Ming Dao and Annie Chen from Happy and Love Forever guest-star.

The drama is mainly filmed at Le Midi Hotel, famous for its beautiful scenery. The two leads are rumoured to have a bed scene filmed in the presidential suite on a bed costing ten million NT (Taiwan dollars, or about $344,433). [caption id="attachment_48603" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Janine Chang"]Janine Chang[/caption] I'm interested in this drama mainly because of the combination of contract marriage (a frequent Kdrama convention) and Mike He as a father, which could be ten different kinds of adorable. I love contract marriage as a trope because of the delicious domestic intimacy and forced proximity it tends to engender, but it's been done enough times now that it really needs to be done well to be effective or surprising. I've only seen Janine in Black and White, but she was striking in that one, and it should be interesting to see her in a very different role as a warm, spunky housekeeper. What makes me wary, however, is Mike He's extremely poor taste in drama choices - out of the ten or so dramas in which he's starred, only two or three (Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, and Love Contract) have been good, and since Why Why Love in 2007 he's had a string of bad, mostly poorly-rated dramas (Calling for Love, Infernal Lover, Bull Fighting). We'll see if Sunshine Day can pull him out of this slump. Sunshine Day should premiere sometime in February. 10-minute preview: