Jung Jinwoon, member of K-POP group 2AM and one of the stars of K-Drama, Dream High 2 recently had to receive emergency surgery after injuries sustained in a car accident. The show One Night of TV Entertainment reported that the singer and actor will need at least 2 months to recover and walk again after surgery to his ankle. Not only did One Night of TV Entertainment update on Jinwoon's status, but they also showed photos of the wrecked car he and his manager were driving in.

The red circle is supposedly where Jinwoon was sitting during the accident.

The car is absolutely destroyed and Jinwoon and everyone else in the car is truly lucky to be alive. I can't believe how smashed up and totaled the front of that car is.

2AM has an upcoming holiday concert planned for December including performance dates in California. As of right now the situation looks good, and Jinwoon is expected to take part in future 2AM activities.

If you're lucky enough to live in or near the LA area, you should totally try and get tickets for the 2AM concert. Make sure to bring your support signs and "well wishes" teddy bears for Jinwoon! ^_^

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE