Finally, what you've been waiting update on South Korea's massive Christmas Eve singles dating event. We first got excited about this event about a month ago, when two men floated the idea around on a social networking site as a joke. Nearly 36,000 Facebook users signed up for the event, but come December 24th, only a few women were in sight, outnumbered by thousands of lovelorn men. About 3,500 people reportedly attended the event, but the turn out was mostly men in their 20s and 30s. Many of the women who did show up brought male partners just to watch the event. "Apparently most of the participants were young men... many left fairly quickly as the place was increasingly filled with guys," said a police officer in Seoul. "Where the hell are the girls? I can't find any," said Kim Sung-Sik, a 23-year-old college student who described the event as "utterly disappointing." "This is awful... I didn't come all this way to get stuck with a bunch of smelly guys," said another male participant who declined to be named. "It looks like there are more doves flying around here than there are girls... I feel like I'm in the army again," he said, referring to the two years of military service mandatory for all South Korean men. Similar male-dominated scenes have been reported in other cities where the same "Battle of the Singles" events were arranged. The event fizzled out when it became clear that there were simply not enough women to cater to a crowd of men. (Source: