Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung is moving full steam ahead with her new career in fashion by relaunching her fashion brand BLANC as BLANC & ECLARE. Just so there's no confusion, Jessica's company is named BLANC Group, and under the company is her fashion brand formerly known as BLANC. Jessica herself has been keeping a low profile since being fired from her role as a member of the K-pop girl group Girls' Generation earlier this month, which came a shock to not only her fans, but to herself as well.

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BLANC Group released this official press release about the relaunch:

"06 OCTOBER: Following the successful launch of our premiere collection to a global audience. BLANC Group is proud to unveil ECLARE, the next step in the maturation of our brand. Derived from the Latin root Clara, ECLARE expresses clarity and brightness, virtues highly held by commitment to presenting fresh, modern classic designs to the fashion industry. In that spirit, as we support Jessica in her rebirth, our brand will begin this next phase as BLANC & ECLARE.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing new collections and partnership projects that showcase Jessica's unfolding vision for BLANC & ECLARE. Including new designs and projects that express our most closely held values, the next steps will set us up for what's to come in the life of our brand. As BLANC & ECLARE prepares to helm this growth, we will be moving our global headquarters to New York this upcoming year.

Jessica Jung stated, "Although the unveiling of ECLARE was sooner than expected, I am proud to be taking BLANC & ECLARE to the next level. I am humbled by the overwhelming support this brand has received and I assure you that we will be diligent as we continually look to evolve and innovate."

You can check out and shop Jessica's fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE by clicking here.

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