On September 2, Kim Hyun Joong reported to the police in Songpa District Police Station in Seoul for questioning in the assault charges his girilfriend filed against him. During the questioning, he partially admitted to some of the charges, but he denied others.

Kim entered the police station for questioning at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, telling reporters, “I apologize for causing trouble. I will sincerely respond to the questioning." During the four hours of questioning, he reaffirmed his agency's earlier statement, admitting that he did use physical violence on one occasion during a mutual argument. According to police inspector Chung Chae Min, Kim stated that he couldn't remember how often he hit her or where during that fight. He denied that he knew she was hurt or that he assaulted her on more than one occasion, as she claims. He also denies claims that he broke her ribs.

After the questioning, the police stated that they may need to cross-examine both parties before they decide how to proceed. If the police send the case to the prosecutor's office, Kim Hyun Joong may face a criminal trial.

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