Actor and K-pop idol Kim Hyun Joong has recently been accused of assaulting his girlfriend of two years between the months of May and July. Now his agency, Key East Entertainment has come forth with an official statement detailing Kim Hyun Joong's side of these allegations.

1. In regards to KHJ being in a relationship which they claimed to have not even known about when the news broke and physical abuse:

"After confirming with Kim Hyun Joong, we found that it's true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn't start dating until a few months ago... In the middle of their relationship, the two had intense exchange of words. Though it's true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it's not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she's been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported."

2. Kim Hyun Joong's girlfriend also alleged that in July he beat her so severely it resulted in a fractured rib which is being denied by Key East:

"Their physical fight was a one-time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn't occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured while they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn't seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn't recognized. We're very disappointed about the one-sided reports from the accuser making headlines and the truth is being exaggerated."

As stated in the previous article KHJ will be questioned by the police regarding the details of the alleged assault and until then is continuing on with his concert schedule.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE