Kim Sang Hyuk Kim Sang Hyuk's accuser has withdrawn charges of sexual assault against the former member of boy group Click-B. On May 31, according to Seoul Gangnam Police Station, Miss ‘A,’ who accused Kim Sang Hyuk of forced sexual assault, submitted a form dropping the charges. Officials stated that this was an unsavory case caused by a misunderstanding on both sides. On the afternoon of May 30, Miss ‘A’ canceled the charges after receiving a sincere apology from Kim Sang Hyuk. At the time of the incident, after being discharged from the military for a while, Kim Sang Hyuk met with some acquaintances for a round of drinks. He appeared to be very drunk upon consuming a lot of alcohol. Officials said that Kim Sang Hyuk mistook Miss ‘A’ for one of his companions, and Miss ‘A’ misunderstood his action of trying to go to the next place together. The case was closed upon Miss A withdrawing the charges. The criminal law of punishment for an indecent assault states that a victim’s complaint is needed in order for an investigation to take place, after the investigation launches, and if the complaint is withdrawn then there will be no indictment and the disposal of dropping charges will be taken into effect. On May 29 in Seoul Gang Nam’s Non Hyun Dong, Kim Sang Hyuk took hold of Miss ‘A’ hand, a woman in her 20s, and said to go somewhere him, when the woman felt sexually harassed by this and called the police. On the other hand, Kim Sang Hyuk performed in boy group Click-B in 1999, and gained popularity through acting and appearing in entertainment programs. In 2005, he was charged for DUI and had ceased his performances. The singer came back in 2007 and continued his celebrity performances when he quietly entered the military service as public service personnel. After his alternative service on the 16th he revealed his willingness to resume his entertainment activities through the public service military discharge initiations in Seoul Songpagu Korean Gymnastics University. (Via: nate news)