Through a letter posted on his company's Facebook page, superstar Lee Byung Hun has expressed his apology for the part he played in being a victim of blackmail.

Earlier this week, Kim Da Hee, GLAM member and one of the stars of K-drama Monstar, admitted that she and a 25-year-old female model identified only as "B" tried to blackmail Lee Byung Hun for close to 5 million USD after capturing video of them drinking and participating in "lewd discussions."

Now, Lee Byung Hun has released an apology through a letter posted on Facebook that reads: "No matter if the incident was planned whether I was threatened, before I blame those things I know that it all started because of my carelessness and lack of virtue, and I deeply regret my actions and am spending my time reflecting on them. As an actor who received love from many people, I'm feeling the responsibility in my bones.Though they're receiving much unwanted attention and going through a difficult time because of me, I'll be trying my hardest for the rest of my life to no longer disappoint my family and wife who stood by me. Though I can't take back the disappointment I've caused you, I'll use discretion for everything in the future. I'll try to live by doing my best with the work I'm given, and I will always reflect on how enormous my responsibility is toward the love and interest you have shown me."

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Apparently his wife, actress Lee Min Jung, "was not home at the time of the incident," and the police found Da Hee and "B" had made plans to run off to Europe after getting the money. Unfortunately for them, Lee Byung Hun went to the Gangnam Police Department instead of the bank. Because the amount the two had tried to extort was so large, Da Hee and "B" could earn themselves a 5 YEAR jail sentence. After questioning ended for Da Hee on September 3rd, she was, in fact, arrested, and her agency, Big Hit Entertainment, gave this statement to enews: "As her agency, we're regretful that something like this happened. We will closely watch the investigation."

As some of you have already stated in the comment section of the original article, there has to be more to this story we don't know. Remember they were introduced to Lee Byung Hun through some of his friends. Now police are saying this was premeditated, so how exactly did Da Hee and "B" know they could get Lee Byung Hun in such a compromising position?

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