Actor Lee Byung Hun stood in a front a group of reporters at an airport on October 20 (KTS) and made a public apology to his wife, actress Lee Min Jung, for being caught in the middle of a blackmail scandal involving two younger women.

Before catching a departing flight to California, Lee Byung Hun took the opportunity to appeal not only to the public, but to his wife. Supposedly, he looked "thinner than usual" as he stated, "I'm sorry to everyone who got disappointed in me and am regretful. I'm especially sorry to my wife and family. I will work hard to make up for the pain I've caused my wife."

(Photo Credit: Newsen)

According to his agency, BH Entertainment, Lee Byung Hun has a photo shoot and other "pre-arranged schedules" to attend to in California with no set return date. So far regarding the blackmail case itself, the first trial took place on October 16, where model Lee Ji Yeon introduced new details of the alleged relationship she had with Lee Byung Hun. His wife, Lee Min Jung, has been staying at her parents' home since news of the scandal broke. Rumors that she only goes outside for work-related activities have been making headlines.This will make the second apology Lee Byung Hun has made to the public and his family. The first apology was through a letter posted on Facebook. 

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My opinion is this: If he were going to make a public apology by way of reporters and media outlets, he would have done so already. The first apology, which was a hand-written letter uploaded on Facebook, was just a way to gain public sentiment. This new apology comes only 4 days after the trial begins and literally at the airport where he has to catch a flight to Cali. Now, in my world of public relations and spinning a story, the apology was planned as a way not to upset fans with taking off during such a serious matter. Just catching a flight abroad without saying anything makes him look like he's taking the matter "lightly," so of course he had to say something before leaving to show acknowledgement of his actions. Besides, how do you have "pre-arranged schedules" but no set return date? Totally interesting.

What do you all think? Do you agree with my theory that this whole airport apology was insincere and just for the fans, or not? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE